The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 4 Change

Posted by themirrenlee on 04/01/2012


Without change, we’d still be sitting in caves waiting for someone to invent fire.

And yet so many people are afraid of the very concept of change.  It’s a huge area of concern for organizations, especially nowadays when change is so constant in so many areas, both large and small.  I used to teach courses in how to handle change, and it’s a subject that really brings out the fear in people.

Susan Jeffers says in her book, “How to Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway,” that all fear comes from the idea that you “won’t be able to handle it”, whatever “that” is.  Even when we tell a loved one to be careful, what we’re really saying is that if anything happens to them we won’t be able to handle it.  One of her techniques for curing fear is to move your thresholds, in any area of your life.  For instance, if you’ve never spent more than $30 on an item of clothing, then spend $50 and move your boundaries.  The same idea applies to handling things.  If you’ve never been able to handle change, then start making small ones and move your boundaries further.  I have asked people in my classes to simply change the routine they go through when they first walk through the door of their houses upon arriving home.  Many of them say they then lose their keys!  However, the underlying idea is a good one because if it feels uncomfortable then you probably need to do it.  Our physical memory is our strongest memory, but it can be changed with practice.  Move where you put your coffee cups and see what happens the next time you go to reach for one!  But once you get used to the new routine, you’ll find that a neural pathway is created in your brain, your physical memory kicks in and you find the new routine, well … routine.

This time of year is my favorite because it’s all about change, fresh starts, new horizons.  As an Aquarian, it’s in my personality to like change anyway, according to astrology, and I certainly live up to that expectation.  I have made resolutions involving changes in the areas of my health, my professional life, and where I’m going to live – just for starters.  It’s so exciting.  As an optimist, I always presume that the changes will be good ones, especially after the last year, which was not a great one for me.  However, I have decided that it was a learning year, a seeding year, and that’s why it was hard.  I’ll be able to go into this year with a lot more experience, wisdom and knowledge, all gained from the pain and difficulties endured last year.

Everyone needs to embrace change, and express it.  That’s what makes society progress and, hopefully, improve.  If you fear change, don’t worry, there’s good news: you CAN change that fear if you work hard enough, commit hard enough to getting comfortable with it.  As Yoda said, “There is no try, only do.”  As someone else said, “Try to get out of that chair.  You can’t try.  You either CAN get out of it or you can’t.”  So don’t try, just do.  It’s important.  For you.  For society.  Because a lot needs changing.  And it needs all of us to do it.

I’m so excited about this coming year.  I hope you are, too.  If not, because you’re afraid of what changes might be coming, stop and take a look at what bad changes you can prevent in your life, and what good changes you can start making.  Get excited about your life.  That can only make you happier, and when everybody is happier 2012 can’t help but be a better year for everyone.  It all starts with just a little change.

I’m just sayin’ …

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