The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 20 Logic Vacuums

Posted by themirrenlee on 20/01/2012

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Logic Vacuums.

They are the bane of my existence.  I have spent my whole life feeling bewildered because of them. A big one came up today and I am so cranky about it that I should be putting it in “The Grumpy Bitch” Category I’m going to have when I feel like venting about something (which is often!).

However, I thought I’d blog about it because I want to share the insanity, and who knows, maybe there are some/many of you out there who know what I’m talking about and feel the same way.

Have you wondered why my website is called “themirrenlee”? My name is Mirren Lee, and I don’t have a title like “The Queen”! However, I am an idiot, because I closed down my previous website last year before thinking it through. That website was very heavily slanted towards my coaching/acting and I wanted to start fresh with the emphasis on my writing first, coaching second. I’m taking it all very slowly because of my health, but as I get stronger (so far, so exciting!), then I’ll be making it a “proper” website, filled with more than just blogs. (The first thing I have to do is choose a new Theme because my son the uber geek (see Links for his fantastic website “”) designed a great Header for me, but unfortunately it doesn’t fit this Theme.)

Anyway, I tried to register “” and it’s taken. Yes, of course, it is – by ME! But I can’t access it because I’ve forgotten (as usual with me) the password for it. I can’t find a reference to it anywhere. No problem, you might think; just ask to have my password reset. Ah, here’s where the logic vacuum comes humming along. My former email address was my website: – and that address died when I closed my website! I spent over 2 hours on Live Chat with BlueHost trying to sort out this problem and get my identity back (well, that’s what it feels like). They have no simple answer for a customer who paid for a domain name that doesn’t expire until this February 28th, but can’t get at it. They want me to scan what sounds like every piece of ID I own, including photo ID, PLUS the credit card number AND receipt of payment they think I should have AFTER SEVERAL FUCKING YEARS! I’ve had TWO credit cards stolen and reissued in that time, so I don’t even have any idea WHICH credit card I used, much less the number of it!

It all sounded so hard I asked if I should just wait until it expires and then rebuy it. They said that ICAAN regulations state that I must wait EIGHTY DAYS after expiry before I can do that. My son explained it as becoming like a piece of real estate on the open market so that anyone can have a chance to buy it – or as I think of it: take my identity!

I got so mad about the whole thing I thought I was going to explode, but then I decided to look at the faith I live by. No, not any organized religion, just an absolute belief that everything happens for a reason. I decided that if the Universe was making it so hard to get “mirrenlee” then maybe it wanted me to be “themirrenlee”. I like quirky, and it’s certainly got that going for it! Making your title “the” is kind of different, and funny. I like both those things, so I’ve decided that this logic vacuum will not get to me. And it did teach me a big lesson: make sure if I close anything down, my email address will still be valid. Well, actually, more than that. It’s taught me to check that ALL my accounts (and don’t we accumulate a lot?) have my current email address.

So maybe you’re thinking, “Big deal. It isn’t that important and you sorted it out.” Yes, true, but it’s simply one case of what I notice every single day. Maybe I’ve just always been sensitive to logic vacuums. If so, trust me, it’s a curse, and one that makes me crazy on a regular basis. One of my most over used words is WHY? (And boy does that word inspire defensiveness in people.)

The latest internet censorship battle over SOPA/PIPA is a huge logic vacuum. The more people analyzed the legislation, the more infuriated and bewildered they became. There’s a wonderfully funny (and appropriate) song by the great singer/songwriter Christine Lavin called, “What Was I Thinking?” The people behind this stupidly worded legislation should all be sent copies of the song.

I’m a 40 year vegetarian. I mention the time frame because today it’s almost weird NOT to be a vegetarian, and they are well catered for. However, in the 70’s it was considered an aberration – so much so that it seemed to irritate the hell out of anyone you wanted to buy food from. I came up against endless logic vacuums when I’d ask for anything and say “but just hold the meat”. They would say no, they couldn’t do that! They would actually make me take the meat out myself, and of course, charge me for it. They could hear my WHY? on Mars, but it made no difference. It was a “policy”.

Policies, rules, regulations. Bureaucracies. Faceless, nameless, huge groups of people making decisions on all aspects of what constitutes our day to day living. Creating logic vacuums at a terrifying pace. Companies with their own particular logic vacuums: “That cheque will take 3 days to clear.” WHY? It’s the Internet age, and it’s slower than when we did bookkeeping by hand!

I bought a prepaid SIM card for my ex mother in law today for her old phone that she hasn’t used for at least 5 years. I found out it was still locked to a previous provider. I asked them to unlock it, and they said no problem, but I’d have to pay $2 for a “special” SIM card that would do the unlocking. WHY?!

Speaking of prepaid accounts: when I bought the card for her they made me fill out a huge registration form. I asked if that was because criminals tried to use prepays as “throw aways” that couldn’t be traced. The clerk said yes, and she thought it came in after 9/11. Hmmmm … I’m a dedicated reader of crime fiction novels, and in them all the “perps” are still buying “throw aways”, with no registering being mentioned. So, of course, I ask WHY? Is it because we’re in Australia and it doesn’t actually happen in the U.S., or are all the crime writers in the world wrong?! Or is Australia just being officious and trying to copy the U.S. because it wants to feel that it, too, has a real terrorist problem? So we fill out the forms, and really no one knows why we’re doing it. Logic vacuum.

I wish I didn’t feel the need to ask WHY. I wish I could just accept the insanities of the world. But I can’t. When I see/hear/experience anyone doing anything that simply doesn’t make sense, I feel an overwhelming urge, that can’t be denied, to question them about it. The corollary to that is I also ask “WHY NOT?” when they say it can’t be changed.

I basically live by the Robert Kennedy quote: There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why… I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”

I have no answers, of course, on how to help change the logic vacuums we all encounter. Unless it is simply for you to ponder the concept and think about whether or not you add to the insanities, or you help defeat them. TIME magazine elected “The Protestor” as its “Man of the Year” (sic). This delights me because the opposite of protesting is apathy, and that’s scary in terms of society’s progress.

So I protest Logic Vacuums, and the only way I can cope with them at all, without going totally insane, is to fight them whenever I can. Otherwise, I feel I’ll be sucked up into the machines that makes no sense at all.

I’m just bein’ logical …

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