The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 41 Hmmmmm …

Posted by themirrenlee on 10/02/2012

Which one will I choose?

Hmmmmm ...

That’s what I’m thinking and feeling right now as I peruse the hundreds of Themes available from WordPress. I need to choose a new one because the header my son designed for me doesn’t fit this one, and anyway I’ve decided I want one with more columns.

I’m not a details person – things like filing are enough to make me want to stick pins in my eyes. As I go through all the different aspects that make up each Theme, my eyes start to cross so badly I can’t see. To their credit, WordPress couldn’t make it easier to choose – they have different ways to search through them, such as randomly or from A-Z. And then I can even press a button to see what my blog looks like in the new Theme.

But I still have to sort through the details of what each Theme offers and decide which one suits all my needs, for things like future video/audio, and Categories that are totally different from each other.

One of my favorite motivational quotes ever was from a guy (forgotten who it was, sorry) who told his audience that they had to take personal responsibility because no one was coming to save them. Some smart ass raised his hand and said “But you’ve come.” To which the guy responded, “Ah yes, but I’m here to tell you that no one’s coming.”

Priceless. So I do know I have to choose for myself – after all, it IS my website, for goodness sakes. And I’m not usually indecisive. Maybe the problem is that I’m not totally tech savvy yet, and so it hurts my head trying to figure out which features I really need, and which are not relevant.

Part of my Journey this year involves my tech education, and will I be glad when I “graduate”! My son the geek, like most geeks, has always been tech intuitive, and can’t really understand those who are not. However, it’s like a talent – you have no control over it; it either comes to you easily, or it doesn’t. For those of us without the tech talent lobe, it’s much harder.

Okay, back to perusing – I must make a decision ASAP because I feel stuck without the right foundation to build on.

I’m just hmmmmm’n …

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