The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 42 Stamina

Posted by themirrenlee on 11/02/2012


That’s what I need more of. That’s what I’m working towards this year. Without stamina, 24 hours in a day feels more like 2 or 4. Anyone who’s battled to get their strength back after an illness, or who suffers a chronic condition, knows what I’m talking about. It’s one thing to feel better;

Slow but steady - that's how to improve stamina.

it’s another to feel better for long periods of time. My Fibromyalgia is one of those conditions that doesn’t allow for a lot of stamina in the first place. Add to that the other health issues that arose as a result of “The Menopause from Hell”, especially the years without sleeping, and my recovery includes increasing my stamina.

There are so many things I have on my “To Do” list to accomplish that I get more than a tad frustrated when my stamina causes me to pace myself more slowly than I would like. The changes I want to make in my life this year include coaching again, both privates and classes, as well as finishing my acting and voice books, along with several other writing projects. I have my tech education to get through, with the One to One Apple gift voucher I got for Christmas, and then, of course, this website to set up properly. (I’m still going through the WordPress Themes, as I mentioned yesterday. Pretty close to choosing one. I think I’m indecisive about it, but I’m not sure!)

In between, I will be moving in April from where I currently live to return to Phillip Island, a 90 minute drive south of Melbourne. I used to live there, and I prefer the beach side/country village atmosphere to living right in Melbourne. It’s very healing to live by the ocean. I still find it amusing and charming that they have signs up all over the place saying, “Relax, you’re on Island time.”!

I am so grateful that my health seems to be getting more under control than it has been for the past 5 years, but now I think it will take a bit more time to get my strength and stamina back to where I don’t have to pace myself quite so rigidly. Many Fibromyalgics have to live by the “one day on, one day off, ” rule because what we do today affects how we feel tomorrow. Add a lack of stamina in general to that, and it becomes one hour on, one hour off!

I will be optimistic, though, and just keep nurturing myself the way I know I need to. That includes listening to my body as if it were a cranky child – when it says it’s tired, I’d better give it a rest or it’ll throw a tantrum!

Slow but steady is what won the race for the turtle against the hare. So I guess I’ll just follow that example and not waste my energy getting frustrated about it.

Time to go; I need a rest.

I’m slow, but steady …

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