The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 60 Stick a Fork in Me

Posted by themirrenlee on 29/02/2012

Stick a Fork in Me.

I’m done.

No spoons left, zilch, zero, nada.

Took every ounce of strength to get ready for the trip, and then to actually get to the airport, on the plane, pick up baggage at the end, tote that barge, lift that bale.

I’m sure traveling used to be easier. Or maybe I didn’t have Fibromyalgia!

Anyway, I’m here in Sydney now – which, for all the hassle involved in getting here, is only an hour’s plane trip. Like the distance between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Plus we had such a strong tail wind we landed 10 minutes early. It took longer to drive to the airport than to actually fly between the two cities!

I’m so happy to see David, Katie and Nicky. It appears that my wonderful 12 year old grandson is now officially taller than me! (I’m 5’4″.)

I’m even happier that I get to take tomorrow off and recuperate. I want to end the day with some spare spoons!

Soon, with my son the uber geek’s help you will see a proper website take shape. David is incredible at all things technical – and he’s photographer with a great eye for design.

I will also start filling in my Categories, like my growing up with crazy in “A Different Kind of Normal”. Those of you from abusive backgrounds, whether physically, emotionally, or both, know how hard it is to write about it without just sounding like a victim. I’m more interested in the black comedy point of view, and trying to find the right writing tone is difficult.

I’m really enjoying reading the blogs of the people who have found me here on WordPress so far. I don’t know how because I haven’t pushed it much until I have a proper website. But WordPress seems to have quite a strong community.

Enough. I’m doing this on my phone so I can lie on my back and it’s hurting my arms. Always the pain trade offs!

See you tomorrow.

I’m just done …

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