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Day 67 Invisible Children

Posted by themirrenlee on 07/03/2012

Joseph Kony

Joseph Kony - the man who murders children.

Invisible Children | Kony2012.

Please read my post and then click on this link to see what it’s all about.

I’m a Baby Boomer, a child of the ’60s, an old activist from way back in the last century! I marched with other Boomers for civil rights from my early teens, then for women’s rights, and then against the Viet Nam war.

As Boomers grew up they stopped protesting about anything anymore. Worse yet, they didn’t seem to instill a social conscience in their children, much less a thirst for activism. It seemed to me that the more we connected the world through the Internet, social media, and even 24 hour news, the less we seemed to care about the wrongs and injustices in it. I wasn’t even sure what I could do anymore, besides giving a few bucks here and there, because the apathy just seemed so endemic.

Then the Occupy movement came along, people started making noises in different parts of the world, and Time magazine voted “The Protestor” as their “2012 Man of the Year”. How prophetic. I felt like the world was waking up. It gave me a wonderful, hopeful feeling.

I still wondered what activism I could get involved with, especially living in Australia, which is a country that is overall very comfortable and doesn’t need a huge amount of protesting about anything. Then today my attention was brought (via Facebook) to the link above, and I watched the half hour doco video that has been made about The Invisible Children. And I cried. I cried because it is such a horrifyingly tragic subject, but also because I was so happy that there were so many people in the world who were caring enough to do something about it.

If you have never heard of the Lord’s Resistance Army, then you are in for a shock. If you have, then you may be surprised to hear that they are still going strong under the criminal Joseph Kony. I know I was. Because we hadn’t heard anything about it for so long, I thought they’d disbanded. Far from it. If you have children, know any children, care about children, or have ever been a child, then you have to care about stopping him from enslaving them. He kidnaps them from their homes, turning the boys into brutal soldiers, and the little girls into sex slaves. If they try to escape he brutally kills them. It is nothing less than horrific. And he has done this to over 130,000 children for over 20 years.

He is Number One on the list put out by the International Criminal Court, and yet very few people have ever heard of him. He gets away with what he does mainly because he is unknown. The goal of the great people behind The Invisible Children is to make him famous! Their goal this year is to make him known, and make him gone.

When you hear about what they’re going to do in April to bring attention to this cause, it will amaze you.

PLEASE watch the video. If you don’t feel at least a lump in your throat, I’ll be surprised. Then do something to help these children. You can imagine how wonderful I think the people behind this are when they’re so organized that they tell you exactly what you can do to help stop the horror. They give you lots of options, from writing to a politician, to buying a T shirt. You can make a one off or regular payment donation, or run a fund raiser. The options are many, and what they’ve accomplished already is fantastic, as the video shows.

When you see the video, you’ll see why there’s a time limit on this. If Kony is not captured by the end of the year, then he may never be stopped. For the sake of all the children’s lives who have been ruined or ended, now or in the future, this can’t be allowed to happen. They’re helpless. We have to be their voice, their hope, and their rescuers. If you’ve ever been through rough times, and someone has helped you, this is a good way to “pay it forward”.

You will be hearing more about this as it spreads through the Internet. I hope you’ll help spread the message, as well. Individuals CAN make a difference, and even more so when they work together.

I’m just sayin’ …

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  1. holliegoeslightly said

    Very powerful video…

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