The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 81 My Drug Journey Continues

Posted by themirrenlee on 21/03/2012

My drug journey continues.

And I’m improving! I thought today, for sure, after such a hard day of traveling yesterday, that I would’ve woken up feeling like I’d been hit by a Hummer. But no, I even managed to get out and run a few errands. Incredible.

So the low dose Cymbalta really does make a life changing difference. I’m on 30mg a day because we can’t get 20 in Australia, which I would prefer. I always like the lowest dose possible of everything. I’m still battling the fatigue side effect, but the pain lowering is worth it.

What a relief to be out of the “red zone” of pain. I feel I’m going to be able to work longer at the computer than ever before, which is my main commitment this year because of all the writing I want to do. It’s a very energizing thought.

I’m thinking with empathy of all the people who live with daily pain. I hope they can get some relief as well.

I’m just improvin’ …

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