The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 87 Action Not Anger

Posted by themirrenlee on 27/03/2012

Action not anger.

That’s what I told myself when a good friend told me tonight she has an article on the mind-body connection she wanted to share with me, and then suggested hypnosis so I could “get over” the Fibro.

It’s not her fault. She’s 91 and this whole chronic illness thing is just a mystery to her. Ironically, though, she has been diagnosed with “silent migraines”, where there’s no head pain but stroke-mimicking numbness in her left arm and leg. She was very bewildered by it, after going through test after test, hospital stays and even rehab, because they thought it was her heart or mini strokes. I finally told her to Google it and she felt very relieved to find out she’s not alone.

But my Fibro really confuses her, particularly since she knew me before I had it, when I was running a production company and full of energy. She doesn’t hear me when I tell her I know the mind body connection – that’s why I have counseling! She doesn’t hear when I talk about my treatments – she just can’t believe there isn’t a “cure”.

Tonight, instead of getting frustrated about it, I’m going to work on my Fibro book. I know there are lots coming now; a BIG change from the early days! However, after my 30 year journey with it (and I know my perspective is kind of rare due to being such a long term veteran), I’m writing the book I want to see: a very simple step-by-step one, divided into easy to access sections that would make this condition understandable to people like my friend.

I find many Fibromyalgia books are very dense, and require a thorough study to be really comprehensible. Most non sufferers aren’t interested enough to wade through them. I want my book to be read by THEM, so they’ll understand US!

Hopefully, a proper post tomorrow, and answering some comments I haven’t yet. Tonight is just a quickie on my phone so I can get back to the book.

I’m just writin’ …

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