The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 91 Noisy & Moldy & Rats – Oh My!

Posted by themirrenlee on 31/03/2012

Noisy & Moldy & Rats – Oh My!

That sums up the flat I’m living in now … and will be leaving in about 3 weeks.

Luckily, I LOVE change, because I move a lot. Either I get bored with the place, or I find it has problems I can’t live with. I also like to rent (someone told me I’m like a New Yorker), and preferably furnished places, if I can find them. I’m moving back to a holiday beachside area that has lots of furnished places, at reasonable rates. I only left because I had to commute into Melbourne a lot at the time, and I found the 90 minute drive too tiring.

When I moved into this flat I was assured it was quiet.


I NEED total peace and quiet. I wear ear plugs even during the day to block out noise around me that others don’t even notice. I know many people have their TVs, radios or music on when they’re home, for background noise. That would drive me insane.

So imagine how I felt when I found out that TWO flats were going to be renovated, the lawns/gardens in the neighbourhood would be constantly cut like a Marine’s hair, and the high school across the street regularly stages loud musical events. The renovating, in particular, with its grinding tools, made me feel like I was living in a dentist’s office!

Then I found the mold. I looked in the bathroom cupboard and there it was. No problem, thought I; I’ll just get the bleach and clean it up. Little did I know how malevolent it was. I came back after a week away to find the walls and ceiling had broken out with a bad case of the measles – only it was a black rash, not red. Don’t even get me started on the tiles and grout. I now keep a toothbrush and cleanser at the ready to work on a bit at a time EVERY DAY. (And yes, once I used that toothbrush by accident to brush my teeth. I still have broken fillings – from clenching with chronic pain – but at least they’re not moldy!) I have not been able to keep up with it – especially with the ceiling – so I’ll probably have to pay someone to clean for me before I leave.

The rats? A few months ago, while Sarah was visiting me, she looked out my kitchen window and said, “Oh Mum, look at that baby possum in the tree. No, wait, IS it a possum? No, it’s … Oh my god, it’s a rat!”

Well, that explains the smell that’s bothered me from the beginning. It wasn’t strong enough for cat pee. Now I know what rat pee smells like! Turns out it’s a giant fig tree, full of figs for the rats to consume. Yes, rats. Plural. It’s a rat tree. Plus I hear them scratching in the walls now, and see them running around the grounds of the apartment complex. I live in a ritzy suburban area with lots of well kept homes – in fact my block is about the only group of flats in the area. It is totally bizarre to see rats. In fact, as familiar as I am with cockroaches (see post, “My Friend the Cockroach”), I have never been up close and personal with rats. Mice, yes, not rats. I’m not freaked out – I don’t fear them nibbling on me while I sleep or anything; I just don’t find the smell outside my kitchen and laundry something I want to live with.

The landlord doesn’t care about any of it, and I don’t have the energy to fight about it. So back to the QUIET beach, where I can once again rent a HOUSE, and be calmed and soothed by the smell of the ocean. Oh, and there are lots of animals there – koalas, penguins, birds and real possums. No rats.

So many people think I’m crazy with my moving. I’m an Aquarian – we live for change. Don’t they say change is as good as a holiday? Well, I believe it. I hate the actual physical part of the move, certainly, because of the pain I know I’m in for, but after a week of recovery, I’ll be in a beautiful, relaxing, healing environment.

They have signs all over the place there that say, “Relax, you’re on Island time”. Don’t you just love that?!

Change is okay, and often very necessary. Don’t put up with a toxic situation – or one that simply doesn’t feed your soul – because you’re afraid of change. I know so many people in that situation. The irony is, if you don’t make a decision about something that you need to, the Universe has a way of making one for you. And it may not be the one you wanted or needed.

Action, not angst.

Goodbye, noise and mold and rats.

I’m just movin’ on …


I miss my Island home.

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