The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 92 Pause

Posted by themirrenlee on 01/04/2012


That’s what I have to do today. With my move coming up, and only a limited number of spoons available to use every day towards it, I must make sure I’m careful with my energy levels.

I am determined to at least show up here to honor my commitment to do one post a day, even if it’s only to say there’s not much to say.

I would like, however, to bring to the attention of any Fibromites who don’t already know about it the Fibromyalgia clothing and gifts available through the site:

This is the site run by the woman who invented the  Spoon Theory. She has hooked up with Cafe Press, and is selling lots of wonderful products for various chronic conditions – the “hidden” ones. She herself has Lupus, which is what inspired her to bring these conditions to light. She wanted to prove that not being visible doesn’t mean they’re in our heads.

What I love most about the products is being able to buy something that says “Fibromyalgia Sucks”, among many other quite witty sayings. It’s always nice to be able to laugh at painful things.

So check it out if you haven’t before, even if it’s only for a giggle while knowing you’re not alone.

I’m just pausin’ …

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