The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 97 The Flare is Still Lit

Posted by themirrenlee on 06/04/2012

The Flare is still lit.

Fibromites know what I’m talking about. Others: it means our symptoms go into the “red zone”, as I call it. Everyone experiences Flares differently, and no two Flares are exactly alike.

Ah, Fibromyalgia. If unexplainable unpredictability sounds good to you, then this the condition to have!

For me, right now, the upshot is difficulty in concentrating, and too much discomfort sitting at the computer. Thank god for short phone posts, but it quickly gets hard to text in the air flat on my back.

Thanks to a couple of fellow sufferers who sent kind, encouraging comments.

The Flare passes when it decides to.

I’m just waitin’ …

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