The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 99 Recovery Begins

Posted by themirrenlee on 08/04/2012

Recovery begins.

Thank goodness, the virus seems to have decided to move on, leaving me a bit weak, but glad to have no fever or other symptoms now.

My friend gave me some food from the seder that I missed last night, and I managed to eat with no ill effects. She is SUCH a good cook, which is great for me because I stopped cooking about the turn of the century. I felt I’d earned it since I’d cooked my whole life for my 6 siblings and parents before I ever had my own children. My mother proudly told me once that I cooked my first scrambled eggs when I was four!

I’ve already had my gas turned off for moving out as my bills are usually like my last one: $35 for the service fee, and 59 cents for usage. All I cook on the stove is scrambled eggs. 😉 My microwave is my real stove and oven.

Like many Fibromites, I have a weak immune system, so I’ve got fingers crossed that I avoid any other illnesses now until the 20th, when I’m moving.

It’s stressful to move with limited stamina and energy, but my daughter told me today she’ll take a day off work to help. Such a relief.

I’ll also approach it with the technique I described in a previous post titled, “Overwhelmed? Try Bird by Bird.” It really helps.

So the plan I didn’t get to mention yet is to move to Sydney for a couple of months to be with my grandson and family, then come back to house/cat sit for my friends (the great cook) while they go to the London Olympics for a month. When they come back I’ll stay with them and see if my health is good enough for me to have a trip to L.A. to see an old high school friend, and have some re-energizing in Hollywood. I went to drama school there, and have always loved it. If you love crazy, you’ve gotta love Hollywood!

The way I’ve planned it, I’ll save on rent before I go, and don’t have to worry about breaking leases. The other good thing is I’ll get tons of writing done when I’m in Sydney and the family is out all day, plus at my friends’ place while they’re gone.

I’m happy with my plan. I just now have to sort out and tie up all the loose ends. I’m getting rid of most of my possessions and going to travel light for awhile. My life experiences have taught me that it’s incredibly quick and easy to accumulate anything you need. In fact, before you know it, you turn around and ask, “Where did all this stuff COME from?!” My daughter moved into a big house with her boyfriend about a month ago with nothing but a bed and a desk. Between their families’ and friends’ donations, they’re now having to say no to lots of stuff they already have.

This is a good example of the “Nature Will Fill a Vacuum” theory I posted before. Sarah and James are now in the position of needing to be specific about what they ask the Universe for. They started by saying they need a clothes dryer, and they’ve now been offered two. On the other hand, they have several TVs, so they’d better keep them out of their heads!

Okay, so my head has to make room in it to be filled with things I need for my eventual trip, like stronger health. I am going to focus on placing that before anything else. In the meantime …

I’m just recoverin’ …

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