The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 104 Fibro Cooling

Posted by themirrenlee on 13/04/2012

Just found out recently from my daughter here in Melbourne, who works for an energy company, that they’ve recognized Fibromyalgia as a “real” condition!

The government is offering anyone with a condition that makes it hard to control body temperature a “Cooling Concession” off their electricity bill – and Fibro is actually listed as one of the eligible conditions. You don’t have to be on any other sort of concession or benefit – just get your doctor to sign the form your electricity provider will send out if you ask them. This applies to any state in Australia.

The reduction involved is 17.5% off your bill. If you are on a disability pension, you get another 17.5%, and if your provider gives you 10% off for on time payment (as mine does: Neighbourhood Energy), then that’s a whopping 45% off your bill!

The cooling concession is to help those who needed the fan/air con on all the time because of hyper reactivity to summer temperatures.

Just thought I’d pass that on to anyone in Oz who hadn’t heard about it. I haven’t met anyone yet who has, and I only know through my daughter.

Sorry, America – it’s an Australian thing.

We are so lucky here that our taxes actually go to help our health. With chronic conditions, the scariest thing of all is the drop in income that happens, and the rise in treatment and drug costs.

I’m still packing; in the throwing out phase now. Wonderful. Creating room for fresh energy and new opportunities.

I’m just creatin’ a vacuum …

2 Responses to “Day 104 Fibro Cooling”

  1. We SO need that! I have an atrocious electric bill every month because I have to have the temperature from 70-75 or I’m miserable. It’s weird for me because I grew up without air conditioning, in Southern Texas, didn’t have central air till I moved into my apartment 12 years ago.

    That’s it, I’m moving to your neighborhood!

    • I know that you guys really have it hard there. I miss America on so many levels, and that’s why I’m trying to get back there for an extended visit, but the problem has always been the defects in the medical system. First, I was a single mother at 16, and then I got a chronic illness. Australia has a fantastic socialised medical system (oooooh, dirty word in America, but I will NEVER understand why your taxes shouldn’t pay for your medical care as well as for your roads and defense), so illness isn’t as scary here as it is there.

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