The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 106 Not Waving …

Posted by themirrenlee on 15/04/2012

… Drowning.

I can’t wait for this move to be over so I have time and energy to write properly about a few things on my mind.

This move is different than a normal one, where you pack the boxes and label them with the contents.

This move is more like a game of Tetris – does anyone remember that? It used to make me so anxious I couldn’t play it!

Because I’m getting rid of most of my stuff so I can “couch surf” for the immediate future, I have to carefully fit everything into their own slots. That means I have to be careful not to give stuff I want to keep to the Salvos. With Fibro Fog, I’m likely to open my suitcase in Sydney and find all those clothes that don’t fit anymore, and have nothing to wear! As I was writing this, twice I wrote Fibro Fig. It’s a worry.

I “lost” today due to one of the Headaches from Hell I get with Fibro and/or hormones. That’s another stress – worrying that I might “hit my wall” before the move is finished. I love Simon Pegg in “Run Fat Boy Run”, where he’s running a marathon and hits his wall. They put a brick wall in front if him to show what it feels like trying to break through. It’s so accurate!

I think people with chronic illnesses have that in common with marathoners. Every single day we have to push through walls in front of us: of pain, fatigue, drug side effects, depression etc. We can only hope that most of the walls are made out of cardboard and wood instead of brick and steel.

It certainly makes us tough, and gives us a strong character. Those of you feeling like you can’t break through the wall, get a counsellor – quick! It really helps with the mind/body connection of pain management.

Okay, back to fighting the tide. Sort, pack, rest, breathe … and repeat.

I’m just swimmin’ …

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