The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 116 Orgasmic

Posted by themirrenlee on 25/04/2012

Wow. After almost two weeks of being so stressed over the move and how bad I was feeling, I was basically one giant nerve ending living on adrenaline.

Then, last night, finally, for some inexplicable reason, my body LET GO and I SLEPT, deeply and soundly, for about five straight hours. It was like a miracle, and when I woke up I felt drained, in a good way, like after a few orgasms!

I do all the stuff we’re told to do for “sleep hygiene” – from meditating and slow, deep breathing to warm baths and hot chocolate – but when a Fibromite’s body is tight as a drum, an anaesthetic would have a hard time putting us under.

My focus last night was on the fact that I’ve finished the move, so I can release that tension, and today was a public holiday so I had an excuse to do nothing. Add that to the fact that I’m reading a good book while it’s dark and rainy outside, and you have perfect conditions for finally feeling my muscles relax a whole lot. What a relief.

So I won’t set the computer up yet. I’ll just enjoy this feeling and read my book.

I wish all Fibromites good muscle orgasms.

I’m just feelin’ the after glow …

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