The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 124 Psyche Products

Posted by themirrenlee on 03/05/2012

After my two posts complaining about the Mosquito Guilt Drone that whines around in my head when I’m sick, someone wrote a comment asking why I didn’t get some bug spray.

“Guilt Mosquito” be gone!

What a wonderful idea! Why don’t they make a range of products to help fight mental/emotional issues?

Can you imagine it?

“Hello, Mr. Chemist, I’d like to buy a bottle of ‘Guilt Gone’ spray, and some ‘Rage Reducer’ roll on.”

It would even work with the Games People Play (see Transactional Analysis). When someone tries to engage you in psychological mind games, just trek back to your friendly neighborhood Chemist for some protection.

“Hello again, Mr. Chemist, I need a vial of ‘Victim Vamoose’ and a some ‘Persecutor Piss Off’ pills.’

Oh, to have something I really could use that easily when I start to beat myself up over my symptoms.

The good news is that the suffocating chronic fatigue Flare is passing – I can actually feel it going out like the tide. I wonder if everyone who suffers with a chronic condition gets to know their body as well as I do? I can tell when an infection is going to get worse before it starts, and ditto for when something starts to get better. It’s like I can feel every neuron in my body and know what it’s doing. Luckily, I now have a doctor who believes me, and works with my intuition about what I need.

Now I just feel like I’ve gotten over a bad flu, which for a Fibro sufferer happens with almost any bug, no matter how minor. Even with a simple cold, we can then suffer a pain or fatigue Flare that lasts long after the cold has gone. And yes, the weather does affect us, as well.

For me, after thirty years of battling this condition, both physically and emotionally, I think the hardest part to cope with still is the emotional reactions: guilt, frustration, anger, depression, and more guilt.

Maybe I’ll get a spray bottle and wrap it in paper with “Guilt Gone” written on it. I’ll fill it with scented water (don’t want to waste expensive perfume – I get guilty a LOT!), and spray when needed. Placebos have been shown to work lots of times if we believe strongly enough. I’ll even clap my hands. (Hey, that kept Tinkerbell alive, didn’t it?!)

Now that I’m feeling a tad better, time to continue getting ready for my Sydney road trip.

I’m just packin’ …

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