The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 133 Grumpy

Posted by themirrenlee on 12/05/2012

I woke up today feeling like someone had taken my body apart during the night, and reassembled it incorrectly.

It’s like that old joke, “Do your feet smell and your nose run? Then you’re built upside down!”

As kids, my siblings and I would randomly dial numbers from the phone book, and say that to the unlucky person who picked up. Then we would hang up quickly and laugh with glee.

Ah, the fun to be had before Caller ID.

My sinuses are acting up again – maybe they ARE built upside down – along with my throat. Everything is either sore or exhausted, and I feel very cranky about it today because I got nothing done.

Well, not nothing. I DID win a few games of Words with Friends.

I read a great post from a WordPress blogger about all the Fibro symptoms, including ones that aren’t always mentioned. I recommend following her. She’s both interesting AND inspiring.

I hope the link works. It’s hard to tell on my phone.

So grumpy me is hoping tomorrow I’ve been put back together properly. If only there was somebody I could blame!

I’m just grumpin’ …

3 Responses to “Day 133 Grumpy”

  1. I’m sorry, I think our bodies traded sometime in the night because that’s how I felt yesterday. Today I’m good… so far.

    • I hope you’re still feeling okay. It’s so up and down, isn’t it?

      • Yup, never the same from day to day. I’m good today though I’ve taken a pain pill because of my leg pain. Stress through the roof and have not been to sleep yet today. I’m afraid that if I go to sleep, I’ll be nonfunctional today when I need it most.

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