The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 134 Speechless

Posted by themirrenlee on 13/05/2012


I’m speechless because yet another infection was sprinkled over me while I slept Friday night, and I felt a chest cold coming on. Then last night it tore into me with an URTI (upper respiratory tract infection), and now my voice has gone beyond “husky-sexy” to “can I buy a new voice box please?”

The worst thing is the snot dripping down the back of my throat, choking me. If snot were people, I’d be China!

My sleep is wrecked – further. My asthma is not impressed. My muscles are having a tantrum.

I may be ready to stick a fork in my eye and be done with it all.

Good news is I had a doctor’s appointment lined up already for tomorrow – more antibiotics coming up.

I seem to have the immune system of a newborn – I’m not fighting off ANYTHING. I’m so run down with the lack of proper sleep.

I have a plan I want to try. Will let you know more after I’ve thought about it.

If I had the energy to post an audio clip, you’d hear a husky helium balloon. Get your head around THAT.

Sarah came by for Mother’s Day and yay SHE is going to get milk etc. for ex mother-in-law getting out of hospital. I will ring the woman and let her hear my voice, and she’ll ask me why I’m always sick. Must think of witty response in advance.

Maybe, “That’s what happens when we embrace Satan. He eats our bodies from the inside out.”

I am SO fed up that If I don’t get a nice health boost soon I’m going to have Fibromyalgia arrested for inflicting cruel and unusual punishment. Let’s organize a posse.

I’m just (silently) hallucinatin’ …

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