The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 145 Progress!

Posted by themirrenlee on 24/05/2012

Well, yes, I DID get run over in the middle of the night, but it appears to have only been a small compact vehicle that was responsible, perhaps even a golf cart, because by this afternoon I was up and doing things. Incredible.

Now I don’t want to get too excited here, because us Fibromites know there could always be a Sherman tank just lying in wait, but I AM grateful that my pain and fatigue were bearable enough to organize some things for my Sydney trip; I sorted several boxes.

I even made myself some dinner, which I NEVER do. I turned off my stove/oven at the start of the new Millennium and switched allegiance to my microwave. If I can’t nuke it or toast it, I eat cookies. But tonight I fried some eggs and nuked a fungus patty. I’m a vegetarian and there’s this brand called Quorn that makes really tasty frozen food, but they say it’s not soy, it’s fungus, which doesn’t make it sound all that appealing, but who cares. It microwaves in a minute, tastes good, and probably isn’t Soylent Green. (I hope.) (Google it if you don’t remember the movie),

I can even breathe better today – took some Prednisolone last night and it really helped. So, all in all, I do feel like (whispering) someone is taking the pins out of my Voodoo Doll and I’m recovering well. My big hope is that tomorrow I’ll feel strong enough to actually sit at the computer and do some work, including writing this. It’s much easier to have access to my whole website, but it’s been too uncomfortable to sit up and type. Thank you, computer nerds, for cell phones.

(Normal voice) You have to be careful when discussing recovery; I’ve found that the Universe has a very sick sense of humor. (I should rewrite that pun, but I won’t because it may actually be quite clever. I’ll have to think about it.)

The cat wants a cuddle and my arm wants a rest. Surrounded by demands – it’s exhausting.

I’m just progressin’ …

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