The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 149 Snot and Movies

Posted by themirrenlee on 28/05/2012

Okay, I’m sitting up and the antibiotics are starting to work – I know this because I can hear again. So Dr. Surfer Dude was wrong and I needed antibiotics all along. I know I always do when it involves my body from the neck up because I have the Sinuses from Hell. Yes, I’ve had the deviated septum operation, and the ENT guy says everything looks fine. So, why the fuck do I keep manufacturing sticky, slimy stuff that falls down the back of my throat and chokes me, affecting everything from eating to sleeping? Yes, I use the nasal irrigation thingy, yes, I use drugs, yes, I daily spray the top-of-the-range nasal protector up the … ahem … front passages … (for allergies, called Avamys), yes, yes, yes, I do everything I possibly can short of cutting my head off. Why do they all say it’s okay? IT’S NOT, it’s snot! (Sorry.)

The antibiotic troops are attacking the snot.

People always say they know their whatever like the back of their hand. That got me thinking – I don’t ever actually LOOK at the back of my hand, do you? Does anyone? Where did that saying come from, I wonder? Why the back of your hand more than, say, the front of your face, which you’re more likely to look at daily in a mirror? It’s weird. Anyway, I DO know my own body, and what it’s feeling/needs are/is going to do, better than anyone else, and I think that might be true for anyone with a chronic condition because you get kind of aware of yourself physically. Yet, funnily enough, the more chronic the condition, the more discounted we seem to get by doctors, in particular, because we are looked at as somehow being responsible for it.

That’s why I have had such a horrible sinus/chest condition for about two and a half weeks – because I didn’t listen to myself and say to the doctor, “It’s not viral, I know my body, just give me the fucking antibiotics”.

So now I’m utterly exhausted from being engulfed in what the ENT guy politely called “catarrh”, but which I call SNOT, SNOT, SNOT! It gives you headaches, it blocks up your ears, it covers your vocal chords, it triggers your asthma and it chokes you when you try to sleep. I’m drained from the draining.

The good news, however, is MAYBE the antibiotics and their valiant troops are kicking bacterial ass and I MIGHT be on the mend, FINALLY. All the Fibromites know what it’s like trying to recuperate from anything extra added to our regular condition, so I expect a bit of time will be needed for full recuperation – which is still half of a “normal’s” recuperation – but at least I feel I’m going forward now instead of treading snot.

I noticed a couple of new people read my post about The Desperate Housewives – people who are into movies and TV. I’m going to open a new Category for that, but in the meantime, please check out:

If you’re a movie buff, you’ll sure to find it interesting. It’s my son’s site, and he’s an uber geek who reviews movies and comic books. He does two podcasts a week on films (one news, one reviews) and one a week on comic books. A Comic Con is happening in Melbourne at the end of June and he’ll be coming here to report on it. (He’s in Sydney). His movie knowledge is pretty spooky, and he does some great interviews as well. He also runs some competitions, for free movie tickets, so he’s got something for everyone who’s interested in films.

Okay, time to take those ass kicking antibiotics.

I’m just recoverin’ …

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