The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 152 Unrepentant Optimist

Posted by themirrenlee on 31/05/2012

So the terrible news is that I didn’t make it to Sydney for Nicky’s birthday tomorrow. When I think how old my grandson is turning – the big 13 – I then have to look at his Daddy (David) and remember with shock that he’s turning 45 on the 24th. And me only 61. Yup, that’s what happens when you have a kid at 16. But then I waited 20 years to have Sarah, so I learned what it was all about and crossed my legs!

I can’t help it, I’m an Optimist, so even though I had a few tears of disappointment at not being there tomorrow, I’m looking on the bright side. I’ve sent him a present for tomorrow, and he’s going to see “Men in Black” in the evening, then cake on Saturday with family, then a BBQ next weekend with school mates (a holiday one here for the Queen’s birthday, which isn’t really her birthday at all … never mind, I can’t explain the English.), then cupcakes and milkshakes when I finally get there – you get the gist. It’s the birthday that keeps on giving, so it’s working out well.

More good things – I got my second round of antibiotics today, as suggested when it’s a bad infection, which I think we can all agree on THAT – and I’m now definitely in recovery phase, which means getting better but no stamina yet.

I’ve decided that when I can leave my bed to run errands without breaking into a giant unending sweat, that will tell me I’m ready to drive to Sydney. I’m thinking (hoping) maybe mid next week.

I owe a few thank you’s to people for visiting here – please forgive me, but I’ve only been sending short bursts from my phone (instead of from my full site on the computer), and haven’t been doing much else since I’ve had the Nazis invade my body. I feel like I’ve had them in me as long as they raised hell the first time in Europe, but it’s really only been almost a month (that’s including the first throat infection). I take full responsibility for the length, though, because I should have demanded antibiotics (or as I like to think of them, The Allies) as soon as I felt it all coming on. I will never let Dr. Twat bully me again. My Sydney doctor gives me an antibitotic scrip to carry with me at all times because she’s aware of how well I know my body. I’ll be getting another one when I’m there.

One of my husbands said it was smarter to be a Pessimist about life because then you never got disappointed, plus if you felt positive about something that then crashed, it hurt more. How incredibly stupid is that? It means you never allow yourself to be happy and excited in anticipation of anything.

Being around people like that makes me want to say, “Pass the Prozac, please” (or the divorce papers).

Bless the hearts of all us Optimists. Always believing that there are good things coming just around the corner makes coping with life so much easier.

I’m just stayin’ positive …

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