The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 156 (Part 2) I Jumped!

Posted by themirrenlee on 04/06/2012

Okay, so my commitment (goal) for this year is to get to L.A.  I want a creative energy boost as well as to see what’s happening in the Industry over there. I may explore some job opportunities if my health feels okay.

I’m jumping into the future, and trusting in my decisions.

The thing with the U.S., as we all know, is that one can’t afford to get sick there – or live on the minimum wage. I was just reading an article on how the waitressing wage hasn’t risen for ten years – it’s still stuck at $2.13 an hour! Remember that next time you begrudge giving tips to your servers – or anyone else in a service industry job, e.g. hairdressers. The minimum wage for the other working masses is about $7 an hour. Ridiculous.

I was born right in Los Angeles at The Good Samaritan Hospital, to an Australian War Bride mother and a Yankee soldier. She was eight months pregnant when they left Sydney by ship to L.A. It’s kind of surprising I wasn’t born on the International Date Line!

I also went to drama school in Hollywood, then went on a game show when I was eighteen, won some money and said I was going to Australia and taking my eighteen month old son with me. I had visited Sydney when I was eleven and had wanted to return ever since. The irony now is that I’ve been trying to return THERE for decades now! Something always happens, first to do with the responsibilities foisted on me re my siblings, then relationship issues, and then my own health issues. The last time I was there was a few years ago now, and I had to come back to find out why I was so exhausted – turned out I was severely anaemic.

I don’t know if my health will be strong enough for the trip I’ve planned, but I work best when I have clear goals in place, and just trust that all will be okay. I very carefully worked out this plan to live with my friends and my son’s family so that I don’t have to pay rent. That allows me to save for the trip. I am on a disability pension because of the Fibromyalgia – over the years I have gone up and down with my symptoms and my ability to work, which means sometimes I’m working full time, and sometimes I’m back full time on the pension. This past year has been the first one where I haven’t been able to work at all, and I’m hoping to change that.

My first career has always been acting, followed by my coaching. There are so many more opportunities for both in Hollywood – which is why so many Australians end up there – and why I want to go back. I have done a lot here since I first started in the Industry in about 1971 (in “No. 96”, the breakthrough night time soap opera), but I’ve done about all there is and need bigger challenges and more choices.

I have trouble sitting for the required twelve or more hours in a plane to get there, plus the air conditioning hurts my sinuses, and jet lag does me in for about two weeks. Which is why last time I went by ship – freighter travel. It was fabulous, but about $3500 for three weeks (actually a bargain if one has it) as opposed to about $1200 or a bit more by air. So I decided I would stop over in Fiji or Hawaii on the way to keep my suffering to a minimum.

Well, I’ve been looking for months and the cheapest fare I could find was still close to $2000. Then this offer came up through the emails I get from Flight Centre. Flights to L.A. on Air Pacific with a stop over in Fiji, for the time period I wanted (end of October), and sale finishing that day – total price just under $1300. Since I totally believe in signs from the Universe, I decided to jump off the cliff and trust that my wings will open, and booked the ticket. On the same day, I saw that the house I had rented (and loved) in Phillip Island came up again for rent. So there’s the Universe asking me if I really want to trust that my health will be good enough to go, or did I want to go back to the pleasant, tried and true lifestyle I had before?

I have been dying of creative thirst, so I just got my credit card, closed my eyes, and jumped onto the flight booking! My favorite time of year in Hollywood is from October onwards – with Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving, then Christmas. By January, there’s snow capping the mountains that line the north side of Southern California, the smog goes away, and it’s just lovely.

I don’t know how long I’ll be going for. Renting a car is incredibly cheap – I can get one for about $200 a week. For a place to stay, I’ll do what I did last time: find a sublet off Craigslist. Then I’ll stay as long as my health holds out, or I decide it’s not what I want to do, after all.

I believe in just taking things as they come to SEE WHAT HAPPENS. I can’t predict the future, and I don’t want to regret the past by not taking the leap. So I’ll live in the moment and do what feels good for me right now, which is to make this booking and plan to leave at the end of October. I’ll be arriving on the 30th, just in time to go trick or treating with my the grandchildren of my high school friend, Sheryl. The houses get decorated in staggeringly imaginative and fun ways, which I love to look at while driving around.

So there’s my motivation to get as well and strong as I can, as quickly as possible.

Here we go …

I’m just jumpin’ …

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