The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 163 Movie Abuse

Posted by themirrenlee on 12/06/2012

Oh dear, what a time I’m having. The closest I’ve come to sleeping is while watching “Prometheus”. If the chair hadn’t been so uncomfortable, the movie wouldn’t have been a total loss.

As it was, OMG – what a monumentally boring event. David said “Alien” fans were complaining that there were gaps in the story. Since Roman and I can’t even remember seeing “Alien”, we weren’t worried about that.

David said the 3D effects were groundbreaking and stunning. Roman and I don’t care about that. My idea of a good effect is when “The Wizard of Oz” switches to color in the Emerald City.

All we wanted was an exciting story and interesting actors. We got Michael Fassbender, but that was about all. I always ask myself, could anyone else have played that role just as well, and with all the others the answer is yes. As a voice coach, Guy Pearce drove me crazy with his approach to being old: just whisper. NO! Whispering takes more lung power and is harder on the throat than speaking softly. Try it yourself and see how long you can keep it up. Guy showed me yet again why he’s one of my least favorite actors.

Anyway, the main thing is that Roman and I simply DID … NOT … UNDERSTAND … THE … WHOLE … FUCKING … MOVIE.

I hate movies that make me feel stupid.

We’re not alone. There are chats everywhere debating what it was all about.

I’ll tell you what it was all about: Ridley Scott’s hard on for technical effects at the cost of everything else.

Less 3D and more, like, uh, actual story THAT WE CAN COMPREHEND. Not only will I never get those hours back, but I couldn’t even catch up on my sleep.

Fibromites will understand how wrecked I’m feeling. I want to do more on sleep info., but I’m too foggy.

Maybe tonight I’ll catch a sleep wave. I can dream, can’t I? Well, actually, no, right now I can’t, but I can dream about dreaming.

I’m just dreamin’, sort of …

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