The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 165 Feet Bliss

Posted by themirrenlee on 14/06/2012

I had reflexology today at the same clinic where I had the massage last night. This time I had Amy and she was as wonderful as Sue last night. It was a sublime session, and even lowered my fairly constant irritable bowel discomfort.

The whole place is so fantastic – you can feel the lovely energy the moment you enter – that I find myself hugging them all. And they hug back!

You’re only allowed one session a week, but they let me have 2 this week when they heard my medical history. So thoughtful.

I booked my daughter and her boyfriend in on the June 24th special fundraising day. They got the last 2 Shiatsu sessions left. In fact, they only had one massage session available at 10am and then their goal of 95 spaces will be filled! It’s been so successful, they’re going to try and do it again in the near future.

I am very happy and relaxed, but very tired. Between the sleep issues, low stamina and a flaring right TMJ that’s causing a lot of pain in my tooth (!), I’m ready to just shut down like R2D2 does.

I’m feeling so grateful for the way the Universe is helping me at the moment with my path. Strength, stamina, better sleep and a lessening of all symptoms – these are what I need for my travel plans. And I’m being directed towards help with all of my needs.

Still planning on writing the sleep post.

In the meantime …

I’ve just been digressin’ …

3 Responses to “Day 165 Feet Bliss”

  1. I love Amy – I dedicated a post to the poor girl, which they read out in her class. And the really good thing is that she is only at the beginning of her course so she will be there for ages!

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