The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 190 Sleepy with Books

Posted by themirrenlee on 08/07/2012

Hmmmmm … I hate to say it in case I jinx it, but I am feeling suspiciously like a normally tired, SLEEPY person.

I’ve been faithful to my new routine of being active for about half an hour, then lying flat for the same amount of time to battle the pain and fatigue, then up again to do some more, and it seems to be working quite well. I have actually finished the last of my organizing, and am now ready to start taking pictures for my eBay selling. (eBay story coming up soon.)

It’s tough to battle through the extra back and hip pain that is still left over from my Shiatsu session, but I distract myself the same way I do with my general pain management. Sometimes, I’ll stop for a minute and focus on my body and realize, “Whoa, there, cowgirl, you need a big shot of bourbon.” But I settle for drugs because the nearest saloon is too far.

BTW, the Shiatsu was totally my fault because I let her hyper extend my muscles. Stretching feels SO good, but I have to remember to be careful with it.

I fixed a couple of things with Super Glue, but don’t tell my family. I’m not allowed to use it since I glued my eyelids together. I just can’t seem to get the hang of not getting it everywhere. (Don’t worry – when we rang the eye hospital they said just to keep an eye on the situation [sorry] and it should fix itself, which it did.)

As a result, though, my fingers are still covered in it (no fingerprints!) and poking at my phone screen feels weird. I have never learned to text with my two thumbs at once – I just poke at the screen like I’m checking if the cake is done. And my thumbs feel too big!

So what I’m trying to say is that I’m going to finish the last of the 3 books I bought a few days ago, and then try to sleep!

I will sell the books on eBay to hopefully make a bit of the money back. If you’re interested, they’re the latest books by Gregg Hurwitz, Jeffery Deaver and the Michael Bennett series from James Patterson’s factory, with his co-author Michael Ledwidge. I LOVE Gregg (great humor), really like Jeffery, and put up with Patterson when I like his co-writer/particular character.

And yes, they’re all crime/thriller fiction. I haven’t got the patience to wait for the latest from the library, and I don’t usually reread books, so I resell them. Especially with the cost of books in Australia! A paperback for $30? I don’t THINK so, thank you very much. I get only about half the price back on eBay, but every little bit helps.

I read about 5 books a week, and no, I’m not interested in Kindle. The only problem with how fast I read is that I forget them so easily, and will often be halfway through a story before I realize it seems familiar!

My mother was also a voracious reader, and one of her quotes was, “Life’s too short to finish a bad book,” so I try to follow that dictum, instead of telling myself, “It has to get better, if I just persevere”. It usually doesn’t.

Back to my book, and waiting to see if (whisper) the sleepy feeling grows.

I’m just hopin’ …

2 Responses to “Day 190 Sleepy with Books”

  1. Try Big W for your books – I ;ove the same kind of books and Big W sells them between $18 – $22. AND they have them pretty much as soon as they’re out!

    • Absolutely – must always get a bargain! I LOVE Big W but I’m closer to KMart. It’s just that when it’s a new release large paperback, it still gets quite expensive when all the newest editions come out at once.

      I’m actually on a disability pension (fingers crossed for you) and eBay is a great backup for both buying and selling.

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