The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 206 Wanderlusting

Posted by themirrenlee on 24/07/2012

I kind of slept last night! Of course, I was totally wrecked from two hours of walking (my limit is about half an hour) to do errands. I limped home and told the cat to get his own dinner.

He responded by making a total mess of his litter box. NO ONE disrespects a cat. It’s like insulting the Mafia. Of course, in a cat’s case you’d only wake up with a mouse head next to you, but that’s still pretty yuckky. And never forget they can throw up at will. Furball, anyone?

But I digress. I may have slept from great fatigue (pain is a tad tiring), but I also felt a kind of deep down inner peace being in the hands of Miriam. She’s very soothing, and she gave me a bit of insomnia hope. Can’t wait for the hypnosis.

1) Realized the book I ordered by Robert Crais on eBay was NOT his latest (“Taken”), but his last one (“The Sentry”), which I’VE ALREADY READ!
2) I tried to reschedule my student clinic massage (yes, they’re open again!) this Friday at 3pm cuz that’s when I have my hypnosis. Was told it’s okay cuz my massage is actually on Thursday.
3) Excitedly played a move in “Words with Friends” for a Triple Word Score. Only problem? I’d put down a word too short to reach it cuz I thought for a nano foggy second that the green space on the board was orange!

For those of you who know what I’m talking about, today was an “off” day. My Fibro very much follows the one day on/one day off pattern of some sufferers. What I do today, I feel tomorrow. So after yesterday’s efforts, I was hurtin’ pretty bad. But since I’m so committed to getting better for the trip, I was diligently active for half an hour at a time, broken by lying flat for an hour in between. That’s why I’m on my phone now instead of the computer. Too sore.

I read once how to make the “normals” feel what we Fibromites feel: clip clothes pegs all over your body. It’s so hard to explain the pain, or even what it is. I tell people it’s like arthritis of the muscles. They can relate to that.

Overall, feeling very positive about what I’m doing. Even managed to take some photos of the tons of eBay items I have to list.

I read the most wonderful quote, and in fact have ordered a bracelet off eBay with the words engraved on it:

“Not all who wander are lost.”
I LOVE that! It speaks to me because I’m always wandering around, either physically, or just mentally, thinking up new projects, planning trips, etc. I’ve been told my whole life it’s time to “settle down”, but I never have. I’m an ever changing Aquarian, with a severe case of wanderlust. And that’s okay, because those of us living on the edge are taking up less room.

I’m just sayin’ …

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