The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 209 Hiding from Insomnia

Posted by themirrenlee on 27/07/2012

I had my first hypnosis session today, and it was so amazing I wanted to share everything about it …


I’ve just had a boiling hot bath for the sore muscles, and have managed to hold onto a great deal of the relaxed feelings I had as I left the doctor’s office …

which I don’t want to lose …

SO …

I’m going to report tomorrow.

I also have to thank Simone from fibromodem
for nominating me for The Sunshine Award, and there are certain criteria I have to fulfill, which I’ll also do tomorrow.

In the meantime, I think we should all ponder why Hypnosis and Relaxation Therapy are not mentioned as part of handling Fibro.


We talk about being relaxed through massage or Yoga, but I never hear about Relaxation by itself being used.

And never Hypnosis. I’m trying it for insomnia, but of course it can reduce pain as well. I had immediate relief.

So I’m hoping that Simone, who is the Research Queen, can give us some insight into why these two therapies seem to be ignored as Fibro Helpers. ???

In the meantime, I am going to slowly and gently see if I can sneak into bed without Mr. Insomnia following me.

I’m just relaxin’ …

3 Responses to “Day 209 Hiding from Insomnia”

  1. I will have to look into the hypnosis part but I wrote a post about relaxation and progressive muscle relaxation (appropriately named RELAX!): – you just need to get past the first part about Isolation Day. I know my ‘real’ doctors tend to ignore this skill (and it is a skill that needs to be acquired and practiced) but my psychologist is always suggesting ways to relax and slow down.

    • I’m so retarded with these replies. I just did one, and lost it because I posted it wrong. I wanted to say that I should have known you’d be onto it! But it is true that doctors ignore this whole area of treatment, isn’t it? I wonder why. I’m just starting with deep relaxation, but she’s going to try and get my brain hypnotised into thinking it should sleep. Oh god, I’d be so grateful if that would work!

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