The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 218 Holding Some Thoughts

Posted by themirrenlee on 05/08/2012

Travel Diary:
Ordered backpack on eBay to use in place of hand luggage. Orange, of course! Will take photo when it arrives.

Reflexology today. Third time with same girl, Amy, through sheer luck. She’s incredible. Deep relaxation as well as specific help with things like IBS.

Very close to returning to proper writing. Will see what happens with hypnosis tomorrow, and sleeping tonight.

I’m just closin’ my eyes …

2 Responses to “Day 218 Holding Some Thoughts”

  1. Did I not tell you that she was wonderful ( And you probably thought that I was exaggerating…

    • Oh yes, and luckily I’ve had for every one of my three sessions so far. She has calmed down my IBS so it doesn’t ache any more, which is pretty incredible, and I was so relaxed after the session on Sunday I didn’t even mind that I couldn’t have either of my massages because they were short on students. I got a gift voucher for this week’s massage, so it all worked out well. Problem is, now I don’t ever want anyone but Amy and we’re not supposed to be able to ask for our preference!

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