The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 228. She Slept!

Posted by themirrenlee on 15/08/2012

OMG, 5 straight hours of sleep! I felt like a new woman – but I couldn’t find one. (Sorry.)

It wasn’t even that I didn’t have pain, because I’m still in a bit of a Flare, but it’s so much easier to cope with when rested.

Got iPad a few months ago, but was not emotionally prepared to have yet another item I didn’t know how to use, so I loaned it to dear daughter. I am now fairly aware of how my phone functions, so ready for a bigger challenge, and got iPad back. Bought lovely cover on eBay – orange, of course! – that rotates 360 degrees. I don’t know what this means, or why I want it, but I will learn by the time of my trip.

My plan is for iPad to make it easier to write posts without having to use lap top. I can maybe semi recline as I compose. Of course, this is assuming I will actually be able to comprehend how to use said piece of IT equipment. Let’s not underestimate how much of an IT moron I am – definitely “challenged”.

Small World Dept.:
Woman giving out samples in grocery store today. We get talking. She’s an actress in her real life. Her agent also just happens to run the agency I sold in 1997! What with that coaching job I did out of the blue last week, and this woman today reminding me how little actors know (I used to run an info. service for them, as well), I wonder if the Universe is trying to tell me something?

Sleep routine coming up. Let’s see if I can make it 2 nites in a row!

I’m just hopin’ …

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