The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 229 And Then She Didn’t …

Posted by themirrenlee on 16/08/2012

Darling daughter and the damned rabbit. She wanted me to rabbit sit last nite so her landlord wouldn’t know it was a bunnymate when the 6 month rental inspection was being done (to make sure the house hadn’t been destroyed).

By 11pm she still hadn’t shown up, so I rang her and said it’s ridiculous, the landlord won’t care – it’s not like it’s a herd of buffalos – and besides, bunny is going to a new family over the weekend.

Daughter finally agreed, but by then my pre sleep routine was smashed. I’d had a busy day, and was keyed up and sore. Didn’t take bath, just fell into bed.

To not sleep.

Tired, sore, not sleepy – pure torture.

So yes, today was a write off, with mother of all Flares. I thought perhaps I’d had a full body stroke during the nite, but no, just those damn buffalos stampeding all over me.

Have appointment to speak on phone tomorrow to travel agent to fix up details of flights and hotel bookings. Remembered I must arrange to hitch a ride on one of the travel carts at LAX because the walk from plane to Customs is so long, the Aussies would say, “Take a packed lunch.”

My tooth hurts like hell, my body is bruised from the inside, I’m as tired as a teenager asked to do homework, and I’m fed up.

I thought you might like a little whine with your reading. 😉

I’m just retreatin’ …

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