The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 233 Modem Has Virus

Posted by themirrenlee on 20/08/2012

Damned technology when it doesn’t work.

It looks like the modem has a chronic illness, so an IT doctor is making a house call tomorrow. He’ll be arriving at 2am or something, as they usually do. Okay, maybe as late as 8, but that’s still too early for me. I don’t do mornings.

Very busy again today, with errands as well as renovating a blanket box for Caryl. I’m painting it, and putting new material on top. The old padding fell apart, so I’m going to cut up a single bed mattress cover and use that. The box is an old English Lloyd Loom one. It looks like wicker, but was made with their clever technique of wrapping paper around metal, and then weaving that. Will put up photos when finished. I’m not a crafts type person, except for furniture, which I love bringing back to life.

I mention busyness because I’m a tad tired and sore, so must watch how much I’m doing. That thin line is always there between making myself stronger for my trip, and walking into a wall.

Hopefully, modem will have recovered tomorrow so I can write on computer, and not have to poke out words on my phone.

I’m just waitin’ …

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