The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 234 Bloody Computers

Posted by themirrenlee on 21/08/2012

The computer doctor came and diagnosed problem is line coming into house from street. It’s working at about 10% capacity. I guess that explains the WiFi issues.

Unfortunately, our carrier responsible for the line is Telstra, and I’m sure many Australians will join me in saying, “Well, you’re screwed.” They are known for their unbelievably bad customer service, and take ages to do anything. The computer doc said they’d fix it in a couple of days. HAH! Try a couple of weeks, if lucky. I hope they prove me wrong.

I simply can’t poke out a post on my phone; I WISH I could text quickly with 2 thumbs but it’s a skill that completely eludes me. I feel as co-ordinated as you do when you try to write with your non dominant hand. Plus I always drop the phone when I try!

So I’ll have to wait for the line to be fixed before I can share developments. For instance, saw the “sleepy dentist” today, and OMG will be having most of my dental work done under general anaesthesia. Lots to talk about there.

For now, I’ll just see if I can sleep because I really need it. (And it’s still improving – shhhhh. Don’t jinx it.)

I’m just aimin’ for unconscious …

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