The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 241 The Fog Virus

Posted by themirrenlee on 28/08/2012

My DIL’s father is still sick. She is still commuting to the hospital to try and sort out his life once he gets better.

I’m supposed to go to Sydney tomorrow nite to help with my grandson while my son works.

I have developed a virus. Just the common type, you know, low grade fever, weak, dizzy, nausea, nose blowing, etc. The main symptom, though, appears to be a really strong case of Fibro Fog.

I did nothing today but feel sorry for myself.

Then I rang Sarah, and she said to just relax and she’ll come tomorrow afternoon to help get me ready so she can pour me on the plane in the evening, and if I can’t make it, she’ll go instead. When Sarah said she was coming to help, I burst into tears. Isn’t it funny the times we choose to cry? I’ve been strong for 2 days, feeling this virus slowly but steadily get worse, and then when someone tells me it’s going to be okay, I lose it.

I commented yesterday that I’d bought flight insurance, which I usually never do ( Because: “If you’re not living life on the edge, you’re taking up too much room.”) Well, it looks like I may now be able to get a fare refund if I end up being too sick to go. We’ll see where things are at tomorrow. The insurance also covered a change of name, so I thought I could give Sarah my ticket if necessary, except that the cheeky airline says I’d have to make the change outside of 24 hours. Isn’t the whole point of covering our asses with insurance because we’ll probably have to change something at the last minute?!

I feel very grateful to have such wonderful children (not just David and Sarah, but my DIL, Katie, as well, who I consider to be a second daughter). I know I can always lean on them, but I’m just always thinking I’m the mother so I should be the one being leaned on. Guilt is such a useless emotion. So what is it so popular?!

A vague idea of how much of a fog this virus put me in since yesterday was given in a bill I got today. Turns out the doctor’s appointment I thought I forgot to make I actually DID make, and I DID have an appointment yesterday – and a long one at that, so I could get more drugs as well as hypnosis – which I totally forgot making until I got a bill for a cancellation fee of $60 for missing a scheduled long appointment! Unbelievable. I rang them in complete and utter embarrassment to explain, and feel they are totally right to charge a cancellation fee. If I forget to write it in my diary it doesn’t exist, which is what happened.

So now I’m hoping I wake up tomorrow and the virus has worn itself out and left me alone.

My horoscope keeps saying all is going swimmingly for me right now. Either he’s lying, or the stars are. Unless they’re misinterpreting drowning as swimming. To paraphrase a popular saying here, “Not waving, drowning.”

Back to Miz Scarlett: “Tomorrow’s another day.”

What an awful lot of quotes for one post!

I’m just foggin’ up …



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