The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 244 Viruses & Vampire Cats

Posted by themirrenlee on 31/08/2012

Woke up still feeling like I had a virus.

Made booking to fly to Sydney so I can pick up Nicky from camp on Wednesday afternoon.

Booked flight for Tuesday, September 4th. I thought.

When completed, booking said “October 2nd!”

Rang airline, but this time I hadn’t bought the insurance, so too bad.

It was my (foggy) fault.

Made another booking for Tuesday. Including insurance.

Went to doctor. She asked if I’m dizzy and nauseated when I stand up. I said yes. She said I have a virus. She said it may go away tomorrow, or last for weeks.

I think I could be a doctor.

I drove to grocery store. School kids threw sandwiches out of tram windows and hit my arm. I left the bread on the back seat floor. Not sure why.

Bought groceries while feeling nauseated. Incredible achievement.

Left favorite cardigan in food hall. Thankfully, cleaner turned it in to lost and found. I forgot cardigan cardinal rule before leaving any eating establishment: Always Look Back.

Made it home, unpacked groceries, got into bed, waited to stop feeling sick. Cat came to lie on chest for cuddle. Two minutes later, he went all “Twilight” on me and had hold of my neck.

What the fuck?!

Undid his jaws and threw him to end of bed. Am waiting to see if I turn into a cat.

It has been a strange, tiring day.

I’m just sayin’ …

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