The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 248 Nanny McMirren

Posted by themirrenlee on 05/09/2012

Ah, the joy of your children appreciating what you went through to raise them.

I was a single Mother at 16, with parents who left most of the parenting of my 2 sisters and 4 brothers to me, as well, since I was the eldest.

My grandson, Nicky, is 13 and I’ve come to Sydney to help my son, David, with parenting him because he does shift work for Apple which means he needs help with the school run, shopping, cooking and all the things that go into keeping a child alive!

My DIL, Katie, is still helping her sick father in Melbourne. When I arrived last nite David said he knows now what it’s like to have to handle everything alone. I’m so happy to hear that, and to be able to help. Not to mention I was really missing them after 6 months. Nicky’s now as tall as I am! Freaky.

However, I must say that I certainly appreciate the energy and health I had when I was being super mom. It’s SO much harder now with Fibromyalgia. My heart goes out to all those parents doing it tough with a chronic illness, especially if they’re on their own.

Luckily, Nicky’s an incredibly easy child, just like his Father was. They’re like two peas in a pod. Again, kinda freaky. They’d certainly never need a paternity test!

But what’s going to make me feel like I’m running an endless marathon is getting up early for the school run. Normally, I don’t do mornings at all

The positive note, though, is something I haven’t mentioned for fear of jinxing it. I’ve been SLEEPING since the hypnosis sessions and starting the Circadin (slow release Melatonin) about 10 days ago! I’m still waking up a lot, but I’m GOING TO SLEEP! It’s been 3 years of not doing that. I’m going to trust that this is it, and I’m on a new path, because I’m an optimist. If I can keep sleeping, then I expect to have less of the extra pain and fatigue that makes it all worse. How life changing that would be.

I’m now in the house of the Super Geeks, so I have great WiFi and help for all my computer questions. Nicky makes Lego stop motion movies (and wins some contests), and David records 3 podcasts a week, 2 film and 1 on comic books.
is David’s website if you’re interested
and “nickymcvay” is the name of Nicky’s YouTube channel to look at his movies.

I’m usually referred to as The Nana, but now I’m temporarily The Nanny.

Time to do my chores.

I’m just helpin’ out …

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