The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 259 Waiting

Posted by themirrenlee on 16/09/2012

Got a bit stressed last nite. Went back to not sleeping, and buffalos stomped me again, so have been sore all day.

However, I realize it’s because the effective pattern I had myself in was getting messed up due to all the family crisis with Katie’s Dad, so I’m going to bed very early to allow myself enough time for a good relaxing sleep meditation.

Can’t wait for this week to be over, and the start of a 2 week school holiday, so no getting up too early for me in order to drive Nicky to school. It’s at least a 45 minute drive, only to turn around and pick him up in the afternoon. Tough on my fatigue levels.

My mind is made up finally. I’m putting travel ahead of dentist. Will explain when I can sit at computer.

Katie’s father will probably have full diagnosis tomorrow, but right now it looks like metastized cancer. Not good.

Which means our routines have to be flexible, and all plans are fluid until 5 minutes before.

Life: always getting in the way of living.

I’m just standin’ by …

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