The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 260 Weekus Horribilus

Posted by themirrenlee on 18/09/2012

This week feels like I’m running a marathon. Please, weekend (and end of school term) come quickly.

Katie finally got a diagnosis about her Dad. He has renal cancer. The bad news is it’s not curable. The good news is it’s treatable with pills, and a stay in a rehab. hospita, with a good prognosis. Sounds a bit like prostate cancer, which is usually very slow moving.

So once she gets him settled into wherever he’ll be going, she can return to Sydney.

My Fibro and sleep are both going into the red zone with the early morning starts and being out of my routine.

David and Nicky are tired, too, with all the stress and confusion, plus Nicky always gets really low on energy in the last week of every term.

So the theme for tonite is exhaustion, and a desire for the week to be over.

In situations like this, I always tell myself to see me on the other side of the problem, namely in next week!

I look forward to writing properly again, but it won’t happen until after Friday.

I’m just seein’ myself in the future …

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