The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 262 Adventures with Insomnia

Posted by themirrenlee on 20/09/2012

While feeling broken last nite – all from the lack of good sleep again – I finally admitted I needed help and took a heavy sedative.

Halfway throught the nite, realizing I hadn’t eaten, I got a bowl of cereal (better than cookies!), which I took back to bed.

The grogginess promptly caused me to drop the entire bowl – all over the floor, bed, my handbag! I’m still retrieving Nutri Grain from everywhere.

I gave up the idea of eating, covered the whole mess with a towel, and then knocked my bedside bottle of water over it all!

I laid down, closed my eyes and slept.

I feel much better, but not well enough to go to Nicky’s school choir singing at the Opera House tonight. I might inadvertently damage the whole efifice!

Katie didn’t make it back, either, but Nicky doesn’t mind. His Dad and Aunt – my kids – are going with him.

My plan is to sleep more and then feel well enough tomorrow so I can be trusted with cereal.

I’m just sleepin’ …

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