The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 268 Shhhhhhh …

Posted by themirrenlee on 26/09/2012

Sarah went back to Melbourne today. I miss her already. We are so similar in our outlook on life.

She says I’m having all these issues with the trip because I’m trying to make strict plans, and that’s not the relationship we have with the Universe.

She’s right. We work best when we make broad plans, and then add spontaneity.

We jump from cliffs and trust our wings will open.

Today I got it thrown at me that my car needs many bucks spent on it to function. It is currently parked and stored.

I’m still flat on my back, but otherwise feeling much better.

Which means I will probably be able to write tomorrow on the computer.

And share what I’ve decided.


So the Universe can’t hear.

I’m going to go back to surprising it, I think.

I’m just plannin’ …

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