The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 270 Wonder Woman

Posted by themirrenlee on 28/09/2012

Wow, what a busy day. I felt like Wonder Woman fighting off the bad guys. I’ve always had a fantasy about tossing back bullets with my gold bracelets, shouting “Bullets and bracelets”!

Funny side note: Lego released its Wonder Woman figure WITHOUT her bracelets! So David very carefully painted them on for Nicky to put her in his new stop motion film.

First up, went for my big visit to the doctor – couldn’t see my wonderful Dr. Stephanie (she’s on holidays), but had sweet young boy doctor who’s filling in for her while she’s away. He’s very nice, but slightly challenged when it comes to the areas of women’s hormones and how to spell Circadin (slow release melatonin, the substance that is getting me to sleep, and slowly helping to turn my health around). After asking me how to spell it, he then actually wrote 4mg Melatonin instead of 2mg Circadin (which is slow release Melatonin), but the Chemist sorted it out, thankfully.

I then drove to the Bondi Junction Apple Store to have my iPhone replaced. I got it less than a year ago so they said they wouldn’t try to fix the way it keeps flickering to black like a silent Tourette’s symptom – they’d just replace the phone. (It’s quite creepy how they know where and when you buy your products just by checking the serial number.) I can’t fault their service or attitude, though. It really is an extraordinary company culture.

I tried to go back to my car, but halfway back remembered I’d left about $80 worth of prescriptions and other medications at The Chemist Warehouse, so I walked all the way back to pick them up.

When I first arrived, I misparked in the Mall’s parking structure and ended up using one of three goods lifts to find myself in the employees’ area. A miniature Security Guard pounced on me and said I didn’t belong there. I looked at the top of his head and told him they were the lifts by where I parked, and he said those were clearly marked “Goods Lifts”. I said they weren’t. He made the mistake of patronizing me by condescendingly saying, “Oh, I think you’ll find they are, M’am.” (Later I heard him telling someone by radio that I said they didn’t have adequate signage. Oh, they did have ONE sign, but it only told us how to spot terrorists wanting to use the lifts.)

Since I am, by nature, a fairly narky bitch hiding under a layer of sweetness, I’m going to find that little person and show him the photos I took of his lifts. Yes, it’s true, I like to prove I’m right when I know I am, and I harbor grudges for … well … forever, if necessary.

When I wanted to go back to my car, I couldn’t find the Munchkin to explain to me how I get to my car without using those lifts again, so I just retraced my steps, setting off no alarms. When I got to the bottom, I took a picture of each door. They are totally, kind of unusually, free of ANY signage at all, except for the terrorist alert. YOU’LL KEEP … strange little condescending, have-no-idea-who-you’re-messing-with “security person” (oxymoron much?). I’d show you the lifts, but they’ve disappeared off my phone. Will talk to David.

Then I drove to pick up Katie from work. I have lived in the Randwick area for many years, and done millions of trips between there and Bondi Junction, and I STILL got a mini hiccup lost moment AGAIN. It’s true – I am completely, utterly, and beyond redemption or repair “directionally challenged”.

We finally arrived home, and I proudly transferred my phone’s backed up files from my computer, and then installed the latest version of Flash on my computer. Maybe David being an Apple Genius is rubbing off on me!

The only bad part of the day is that we got notice about KT’s Dad: he’s back in Monash Hospital again – in the Assisted Care Ward. They’re saying (as we thought!), that he’s too sick for Rehab. We’re still waiting on more concrete news, to determine if KT has to go back there. Which will keep me here.

I am feeling quite positive in that my pain levels are down generally, and I’m still sleeping, sort of. I got up today, and dressed properly (not just torn tracky dacks), including make up and hair. I had to tell the doctor that I know I look perfectly normal, but I’ve spent most of the last year in bed. He was surprised. And THAT’S the trouble with Fibro!

I must say, however, that I am now pretty tired, and heading towards sore, so I’m aiming for a good nite’s sleep, since last nite’s was nothing special.

Didn’t realize it’s a holiday weekend in Sydney – Monday is Labour Day or something, which always strikes me as a misuse of the English language. It applies to me in that I won’t be able to start renewing passports until Tuesday now.

I’m feeling quite satisfied with a good day’s work, and I can still sit up. I hope tomorrow it continues.

I’m just blastin’ bullets …

2 Responses to “Day 270 Wonder Woman”

  1. You are so funny, M. Holidays vs vacation? Miss you xo

    • Being here so long really messes up consistency in language. The holidays/vacations battle is just one. I’m now thinking my trip to Hollyweird will just be a vacation because I can only be away for 6 weeks with the pension, unless I can find part time coaching/acting jobs I can live on! I’m trying so hard to get out of here on Oct. 27th, but all depends on KT’s Dad. At the most, it will just be a couple of month’s postponement. I know you’ll be aware of how much I want to go! xo

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