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Day 302 The Aussies & Halloween

Posted by themirrenlee on 31/10/2012

Such fun tonight to see a few kids around the neighborhood make an attempt to scare up a costume, and then come for their treats.

When my 25 year Sarah was about 6, and trying to experience her mother’s heritage by going trick or treating, she got very interesting responses.

Some people gave her lollies, after scrounging around in their cupboards. Some gave her fruit (like Michelle Obama) and some, totally unprepared, regifted bath salts & lotions. One lady will be in our secret Hall of Fame for giving Sarah a can of baked beans!

At least they all tried. In between, there were houses telling my little 6 year old that it was an “American Holiday” (dripping with sneer drool), and we didn’t “do that sort of thing in Australia”.

No problem. I taught her in high scholl how to toilet paper a house as a “punishment decoration”. Only to be used in extreme cases.

When Nicky was recovering from leukemia, Sarah printed up flyers that she distributed all over the neighborhood asking people if they could please give the little bald Jedi Knight a few lollies. It worked really well and he was so happy. (Her great secret for success was to give all the houses the candy they’d need!)

Now I see Halloween is growing every year, on all levels: in the shops that have cheap costumes and decorations, in the grocery stores that sell Halloween themed candy, and even in small stores where they sell a variety of “stuff” from China.

It’s a fun holiday, and kids love it. I’m waiting for the year when the houses start to dress up as well, and we get the full Halloween experience.

I am quite excited for another reason. I actually managed to get up at 9:30 am today! I’m still getting sleep. Scary to say it out loud. I think there’s a Yiddish custom where I have to spit quickly 3 times to keep the evil eye off it.

I did errands, booked for a massage back at my favorite student clinic, and went through Sarah’s house to see exaxctly how much I’ve got stored there.

To top it all off, I’ve got an acting client for a New York dialect this Saturday. More details as we get closer.

As a result of all this busyness, I’m ready to go unconscious at any moment.

My 50s were pretty much poo poo, what with The Menopause From Hell, a long overdue divorce from a person with “problems”, and health that seemed to steadily go under in quicksand.

However, my 60s are looking promising. It’s the first time in about 5 years that I dare to have hope that I’m going to improve, and get back on track. Spit – Spit – Spit …

Time for bed, and to see if I can feel good tomorrow.

I’m just hopin’ …

(and may all the candies you have, be the ones you like!)

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Day 301 The Suicidal Post

Posted by themirrenlee on 30/10/2012

Well, last nite was interesting. I don’t have a comfortable relationship with computers. Or, indeed, anything created after electricity. Absolutely counter to my son’s belief that it’s all intuitive, I am the exception that proves the rule – whatever in hell THAT MEANS!

Last nite I proudly wrote my Number 300 post and hit Publish. Something popped up and asked me a question. I generally ignore these because I usually don’t understand them. Evidently, in this case, I guess I was being asked something about saving it, so I pressed Yes.

Today I couldn’t find the post.

It seems I threw it in the Trash after Publishing it. I don’t understand how that happened, especially since it was on Facebook, but when you pressed the link it said it couldn’t be found.

Maybe the Post dumped itself? A case of suicide by trash.

No harm done – I retrieved it from the dumpster, but for the love of God … HOW DO THESE THINGS HAPPEN TO ME?

(And I must say, a very ungrateful Post.)

I can’t even begin to figure out how to use the WordPress App on my iPad, and sitting at my computer is still painful. I really need to start my Apple classes.

I was feeling so sore last nite after feeling so good for several straight days, that I kinda overdid it with the sleep meds.

I woke up this morning unsure whether or not I had spoken to Roman in the middle of the nite, or whether I’d dreamt it. I let him lead. Turns out it was real.

Today I started anti inflammatories for the tenth time (tum tum doesn’t like them, but codeine’s worse), and felt better half way thru the day. All in all, feeling better cuz of the sleeping, but as I write this I’m spitting 3 times to break the bad luck I could get by writing out loud about it.

I had an “off” day to recover from yesterday, and appropriately enough am reading a book on my iPad (welcome, me, to the 21st century!) called, “Are you there, Vodka? It’s me, Chelsea”, by Chelsea Handler. I always love a great deal of un PC, potty mouth, drug and alcohol fuelled black comedy.
She doesn’t disappoint.

Tomorrow is an “On” day, so body better bloody well be cooperating.

I’m just warnin’ …

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Day 300 Plans, Progress & No PJs!

Posted by themirrenlee on 29/10/2012

Sarah and her new man, Nathan, just left after popping over with take out tucked under their arms. I’m a great cook, but I gave it up about 10 years ago. The lobe seemed to spontaneously shut down.

This was our “Meet the Fockers” moment. Sarah said I couldn’t wear my pyjamas – at least put my tracky daks on. And if a bra was too uncomfortable, then I’d have to cover up with a cardigan. So I did. But next visit all bets are off!

He’s a lovely guy, and not only does he seem to adore my daughter (and she him) but he’s a very good grounding force for her slightly wound-too-tight highly emotional maintenance needs.

Saw my Ken Doll doctor today, who treated me, as usual, as if I’m beyond saving because I’m a “woman of a certain age”. Guess he missed the memo about 60 being the new 40!

At least he’s an excellent medication supplier – whatever I want, no questions asked. Beats taking an interest in me. But who’s using whom … hummmmm?

Got the details for the physio who fixed my knee last year. I’m going to get his input on my lower back/hips/shooting pains down legs. If I could walk for longer than 15 minutes, I’d start getting everything seriously under control.

I want to be strong and better when I go end of January. I thought it was so horrible that I had to move the date, and then I got an email from my high school friend there who’s having serious challenges with her mother’s health issues. She said she wouldn’t have had much time to see me right now if I’d come. Incredible how things work out.

Why is Mr. Ming taking pins off the cork board (the push tacks with long plastic “hats”) and then dropping them on the floor for us to step on? Seems very passive aggressive behavior about something.

Today was an “out there” day. Tomorrow will be an “in here” day, making appointments, writing emails, organizing stuff to start my eBay selling.

I plan to be in Melbourne until Thanksgiving, which Sarah wants to host with Nathan, then I’ll drive back to Sydney for Christmas, then maybe one more visit back here before leaving for Fiji/L.A. on January 27th.

I’ll get a sublet off craigslist.orglike I did my last visit, then be back here by beginning of April to get a place on Phillip Island. I would have been “homeless” for one year!

Of course, all plans are open until they’re shut. If I feel great in L.A. and land work in the Industry, then I could stay. We’ll see. One step at a time …

Time to see if I can keep up this lovely new thing called “sleeping”. It’s wonderful – my muscles love it.

I’m just progressin’ …

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Day 299 From Under the Doona

Posted by themirrenlee on 28/10/2012

My friends have a luxurious house, so I’ve spent the day wallowing in a big bed with a cozy doona. I call Caryl “The Linen Queen” because she’s always buying the most beautiful sheets, quilts, doona covers, etc. The beds are like works of art. And Melbourne is always delightfully cooler than Sydney, so I can take advantage of the thick doona.

I’ve had about 4 days of feeling better since the bad flare last week, which meant I’ve been functioning! I decided to take today off, though, so that I don’t overdue it. Reading, resting, thinking, enjoying being comfortable and cozy.

Germaine Greer once said that her favorite thing to do was “to think”. I agree. I like to plan, ponder, roll things around in my head. Then I’ve got some clarity once I start writing everything down.

I have a lot to do while I’m here. I MUST consolidate my possessions, which are scattered at several different houses – friends and family helping me out since I left my flat last April. Lots of things to put on eBay. I won’t get my own place again until I return from L.A. in March, so I must pare down and organize.

I have a Lloyd Loom blanket box to restore for Caryl. She bought it from me, but it needs painting and a new padded top.

I need hydrotherapy, reflexology, massages, a visit or three to the physio that fixed my bad knee. I’m hoping he might be able to help my back and walking. I also need to see the medical clinic for more meds. I’ve given up thinking they can help me, except for the relaxation hypnosis. I need some more sessions for sleeping, and maybe also for dental visits, since I won’t be able to have a general anaesthetic now.

The cat here, a 13 year old Burmese called Ming (who I call Mr. Ming and therefore the house is Mr. Ming’s B & B), is very cuddly and sweet most of the time. Unfortunately, he had a major colon removal operation about a year ago and now has a problem controlling his … ahem … methane eruptions. He has his own bedroom, so often I have to banish him there to keep his odors to himself.

A day off. Without guilt. Lovely.

I’m just snugglin’ …

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Day 298 Qantas Has Landed!

Posted by themirrenlee on 27/10/2012

Observation: It takes longer to get back and forth from airports than it does to actually fly 500 miles to another city. And can be more expensive than the cost of the flight itself!

I started out from Sydney at 2:30 pm, and have just arrived at Roman and Caryl’s house in Melbourne at 7:30 pm. It was a 1 hour flight!

The plane ticket cost $120 one way (there are usually cheaper deals, but it’s a bike grand prix thingy weekend in Melbourne), while the Sky Bus to the main train station cost $17, followed by a $25 cab ride because I was too tired to hump luggage on a tram or train, then walk for 15 minutes.

Sydney has a $20 train ride all the way from the airport to anywhere ($12 concession), but Melbourne is still “talking about it”. Things move slower here. Luckily, I got a lift to the airport in Sydney from David and family.

I’m now back at the house of the friends I stayed with before. Since I left my flat in April I’ve been relying on the kindness of friends and family to put me up until my flight to L.A., which was supposed to be … well … today. As I’ve already written before, I’ve rebooked for the end of January, which means being “homeless” a little while longer.

Roman & Caryl have gone to Sydney (!) for the weekend, so I came now to look after their Burmese. (No, they haven’t adopted a little person from Myanmar; he’s a cat.) His name is Ming, but I call him Mr. Ming and tell him he runs a lovely bed and breakfast, which is why I stay here often. We’ve bonded.

SIDE NOTE: Call me crazy, but I really don’t think even Angelina would be allowed to adopt a little Burmese person if she wanted to. If she put him in a car it would be trafficking of human beings. (Sorry … Lol)

As I’ve said before, I totally believe that everything happens for a reason (even if we can’t understand the reason as it happens). Which is why I’m not shattered by my trip getting moved. It’s more important that I get my health stronger, and help David/KT/Nicky while they organize Katie’s father’s possessions (basically, the house), and his debts. A lot to do, especially when it’s in another state.

So my plan is to sort out my stuff that’s scattered far and wide, again at the mercy of kind and patient people whom I appreciate so very much.

Sarah is leaving her share house, and I stored a lot of things there; plus I never fully moved some bibs and bobs of furniture, etc., from my friend Tracey’s place down in Phillip Island (where I plan to return next year); now I’ve established a beach head at KT/D/N’s house, mostly stuff I’m keeping; while at Mr. Ming’s I have a ton of eBay chi cha to sell. AND I must finish the Lloyd Loom blanket box I’m refurbishing for Caryl – my deadline is way overdue.

Add to all that, I must get BOTH my passports renewed before I go, as well as organize a sublet off to have a place to occupy when I land in Hollyweird, and, finally, find the best car rental deal.

I couldn’t sleep last nite – I rarely can when I know I HAVE to get up in the morning, because I’m so stressed about it. Being “Sleep Challenged” means I don’t “do mornings” as a general rule, and when I’m forced to, it ain’t pretty.

I have commenters to thank, and other things to write, but I’m feeling like I may fall unconscious any moment. (Yes, I’ve dragged out the BIG drugs, like Stilnox.)

The bliss of Melbourne is that it is several degrees – celsius – cooler than Sydney, without the humidity. Great sleeping weather!

Tomorrow I will hopefully be less foggy and tired. I’m so glad I’m here!

I’m just doona divin’ …

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Day 297 Almost Normal

Posted by themirrenlee on 26/10/2012

Well, my goodness, I was up and out and getting things done today.

Dyed my hair blonder (my hair loves peroxide), deposited a check from my 2 second stint on “Superman Returns” (I still get small residual checks every quarter; this one was a huge $68.01!), and started organizing for my trip tomorrow to Melbourne.

I almost felt like a normal person.

Then, of course, this afternoon I’m on a hot water bottle for the pain, while asking nothing of my brain by reading the latest “Who” magazine.

Overall, though, it was a productive day, which always cheers up this Type A personality!

Tomorrow from Melbourne.

I’m just travellin’ …

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Day 296 If I Only Had a Brain

Posted by themirrenlee on 25/10/2012

It looks like when I did last night’s (non) post, I was so foggy from pain (the Flare) that I somehow didn’t actually publish it. I have no idea how that happened.

The Flare is passing now, leaving me pretty exhausted. It was the worst pain I’ve had in months. Today I dragged myself out of the house, though, so I could spend some after school time with Nicky before I leave for Melbourne Saturday.

We like to go to the mall, have a snack, and then he looks at Lego while I do errands. There is ALWAYS another Marvel heros kit he wants for his movie making!

After all that, I have now collapsed and hope to get some sleep so that I’m even better tomorrow. I really, really want to be okay for my trip to Melbourne.

Still pretty foggy, which makes me feel like my brain has been sucked out.

I’m just recoverin’ …

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Day 295 Fibromyalgia Sucks

Posted by themirrenlee on 24/10/2012

I’m just still flarin’ …

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Day 294 Birthday Present

Posted by themirrenlee on 23/10/2012

Finally booked to L.A.! Leave Sydney on January 27th, arrive in Fiji 5 hours later to break trip due to pain of sitting too long, leave Fiji on January 29th and arrive 10 hours later on the same day.

January 29th is a birthday for Oprah, Germaine Greer and ME! So my arrival will be a big birthday present.

I want to write more, but I’m in the Flare from Hell. Please god make it go away.

Must get better as I’m going back to Melbourne for a few weeks on Saturday. I’m NOT paying for any more cancelled flights! It was bad enough paying $800 to change a flight that originally only cost $1300.

Turns out that Air Pacific is turning into Fiji Air and becoming a more expense airline. The same thing happened to me after I flew on Cathay Pacific and Air Tahiti (now Air Tahiti Nui) – they went from student affordable to upmarket. I must have a golden touch!

Must hide in bed.

I’m just flarin’ …

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Day 293 Loopy Ticket

Posted by themirrenlee on 22/10/2012

I spent most of the day locked in a loop trying to rebook my tickets.

I think I may have damaged my head.

And paid for my new ticket THREE times. Must check credit card records.

I am very tired. And sore. Because it’s been raining like the wet season in … wherever it is we have wet seasons.

I can’t explain why the rain makes me sore, but it does. And yet I love the rain, so it seems kind of a mean thing for it to do.

Mother Nature basically has unruly children.

Tomorrow I hope to know if my new dates are set. Then I can work with them.

I am wrapped in a gauzy cloak of Fibro Fog. Which means I can’t think straight.
Goal setting in this condition would probably come out like a monkey, e.g.,

1. Steal banana.
2. Eat banana.
3. Sit on someone’s shoulder.
4. Pee.
5. Eat their lunch while they clean up.
6. Eat another banana.
7. Poo on someone’s head.

The Fog would make me think I’d had a very productive day.

So, before I get in trouble …

I’m just foggin’ out …

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