The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 275 A Tough Time

Posted by themirrenlee on 03/10/2012

Today Katie’s father was moved to palliative care at yet another

The doctors are now giving him only days, or a couple of weeks at most, to live.

I’m trying to keep Nicky distracted so he doesn’t get upset about it.

It’s hard to think about anything else right now.

We’re all just waitin’ …

4 Responses to “Day 275 A Tough Time”

  1. baptistestscroix said

    Prayers and good energy thoughts for you and all your family at this stressful time.

    • Thanks for that. Waiting is so hard, on everyone. The good news is he’s comfortable and really not aware of what’s going on. At this stage, we all hope for a quick, painless passing.

  2. baptistestscroix said

    What happened to Post 276? It said something about taking your grandson to the movies. Now it isn’t there any more. Did it go through the Burmuda Triangle?

    • Yeah, it seems to have disappeared. And then I said today’s was 276, when it was really 277. Oh, my head hurts. I’m sure I did it, but I have no idea how. It’s me and electronics. As David likes to say about me, I’m the epitome of PICNIC: PROBLEM IN CHAIR, NOT IN COMPUTER. Who knows, maybe the post will come back some day. It may just have gone for a wander …

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