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Day 276 Please … No Buffalos

Posted by themirrenlee on 04/10/2012

Almost forgot to post tonite. I’m starting to get foggy from fatigue.

I took Nicky to the movies again. “The Watch” last nite, and “Looper” tonite. He’s been going to movies and reviewing them on his father’s podcasts for years, so even though he’s only 13, he’s a very sophisticated viewer.

We went from the silliness of the first film, to the mind blowing intensity of the second, but enjoyed them both. Also, since I don’t cook, he got Subway both nites for dinner!

David says he’ll be back Saturday nite. I might then sleep all day Sunday.

My routine is a bit messed up playing Nanny McLee, and I’m finding it hard. But I adore Nicky so much the payoff is spending so much time with him.

I have a lot of replanning and organizing to do, but nothing can be set in stone until George passes, and we don’t know exactly how long that will be.

My year has certainly gone haywire, but things happen as they should. Right now, my biggest concern is how comfortably George passes, and how long Katie suffers deep grief.

When my parents passed, long after they were divorced, they both had what I consider to be “bad deaths”. Lots of family trauma and nastiness, not to mention their actual drawn out conditions. So far, it seems as if George is having a “good death” – loving and kind and very peaceful.

I’ll write about my parents’ experiences when all this settles down. It’s quite a story.

In the meantime, I’m hoping for no stampeding buffalos tonite, and a day full of energy and productivity tomorrow.

I’m just needin’ a boost …

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