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Day 277a Senior Moment

Posted by themirrenlee on 05/10/2012

I found the lost post – in the trash!

What the …?

So now I will edit today’s post to be 277.

Please excuse multiple posting.

I am an idiot.

I’m just sayin’ …

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Day 277 Rogue Phone & Silver Linings

Posted by themirrenlee on 05/10/2012

I seemed to have lost a post. I saw it get uploaded after I wrote it on my phone last nite, and now I can’t find it. How very strange.

I’m also finding that my iPhone has become a tad self aware, moving my Apps icon around all by itself so that things aren’t where I expect them to be.

I’m so glad David’s coming back tomorrow nite because my strength is waning. The thing about a chronic condition is that one must be able to sleep or rest as needed. Nicky is like the perfect child when it comes to low maintenance, but I still have to be aware of his needs, and can’t retreat for the amount of time I need sometimes. I’ve always said that I don’t know how people with chronic illnesses handle the child raising situation.

I had an example of the Universe helping me today through what seemed like a problem at first. I sent Nicky to the ATM to get some out of my account because I was too sore to walk very far. He came back in great distress, saying the machine had eaten it. He didn’t know how to put the password in – he got confused between the numbers and the letters.

The reason it was a good thing is it forced me to go to the bank myself and sort out my accounts, something I’ve been meaning to do for ages. I had a lot of confusion with them after my credit card got stolen a couple of years ago, and have been paying too much in fees, etc. So now, as hard as it was walking there, I got it all done, and now have an account with no fees, which is very nice. I also showed Nicky how to work the ATM.

David and Katie went to her Dad’s house today to look for his paperwork, bills, etc. It’s been described to me as an uninhabitable house, not only so absolutely packed to the rafters with papers and “stuff” that there’s hardly room for people, but so filthy it feels disturbing just to be inside it. George just wasn’t looking after himself, sad to say.

So the waiting game continues before any of us can get our normal lives back. As is so often the case in these situations, the patient is probably the one who is faring the best. The hospital is giving him enough pain killers to keep him comfortable, and he’s drifting in and out constantly, without seeming to be aware of what’s going on.

Humor is always important, in any situation, and as we discovered when Nicky fought leukemia from six to eleven years old it is imperative particularly when illness is involved. It not only helps people to get through terrible events, it also promotes physical/mental/emotional healing.

So I can’t keep from thinking about my ideal acting role: that of a coma patient! I’d get to lie in bed, possibly really sleeping, in every scene, and get paid big bucks for it!

I hope this post doesn’t get lost. I also hope my phone stops trying to do its own thing.

I’m just still waiting’ …

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