The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 282 Temporary Landing

Posted by themirrenlee on 10/10/2012

I landed in bed yesterday when I twisted my back, and I’m still there – like a beached whale.

I decided, instead of getting depressed, to think about how lucky I am that it’s only a temporary condition. I’m not stuck permanently in a wheelchair, like someone with a spinal injury, or ALS, like Stephen Hawking. Talk about being trapped in a body. That would really suck.

Fibromyalgia sucks bad enough, with its constant pain and fatigue, but I find that the only way to keep my sanity is to always think of worse things I could have.

I also think about the remarkable people who functioned with their disabilities. Frida Kahlo painted on her back after a spinal injury, Beethoven wrote music while deaf, and Helen Keller became a motivational speaker without being able to see or hear. Incredible stories, and plenty more once you start looking. That’s why I love reading biographies.

Hopefully, tomorrow my engine will be fixed and I’ll take off again. In the meantime …

I’m just idlin’ in my bed …

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