The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 286 The Clean Up Begins

Posted by themirrenlee on 15/10/2012

The Palliative Care nursed called it right: Katie’s Dad finally died around 5am this morning.

I always say “crossed over” because
I have Spiritualist/Buddhist beliefs, but most people are so terrified by death that they don’t even want to try and discuss beliefs that they might find comforting. Like reincarnation, and the concept that we’re all spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Because of my beliefs, I find death to be a great release when there’s suffering involved. In this case, he had reached the point where he couldn’t swallow, breathe very well, or move. He slipped away under a blanket of morphine. (No, not an overdose – he was on it for his pain and breathing, and one thing I know from watching my own Mother pass from lung/breast cancer, they keep patients comfortable until they eventually let go.)

Katie and David are both committed atheists, so Katie just feels the grief of losing her father, and David just feels her pain because he didn’t know George very well.

There are so many beliefs and ideas about death. Katharine Hepburn said, “It sounds like a nice long sleep. Lovely!” Or words to that effect.

I feel the same way, especially when this shell of a body is sore and tired.

This was meant to be a short post because we’re all exhausted from last nite’s interruptions, but now the real planning and organizing begins, as Katie starts to not only prepare the funeral, but also go on to deconstruct her Father’s life and tie up all the loose ends, so I thought I’d share what they have to do just in the immediate future.

Katie really needs David, so he’s flying up tomorrow, then I’ll put Nicky on a plane Thursday, for the funeral on Friday.

I’ll stay home and feed the cat.

Or not.

She killed a sweet baby mouse today. I’m thinking of having her arrested on multiple homicide charges. Be hard to testify against her, though, because she’s so vindictive they’d have to hide me in Witness Protection.

I’ll get the posts back to some sort of normal tomorrow, I hope, after I’ve finally managed to talk to my travel agent.

I have to get back to Melbourne for some time to sort out my stuff and finish an antique blanket box I’m renovating for Caryl. I MAY even be able to fit in a couple of dental appointments before November 30. Sarah wants to host Thanksgiving this year, so I could combine my visit with that.

And I haven’t forgotten the question I asked about your definition of Success. We’ll talk.

David is taking Nicky to school tomorrow, thank the Universe, so I can recover from doing it today. And start getting myself organized. It’s been a very “messy” time.

Right now I could use some good sleep.

I’m just closin’ my eyes …

5 Responses to “Day 286 The Clean Up Begins”

  1. Sorry, for your loss, prayers to your family

  2. Oh, sweety, I’m so sorry his passing is causing her such pain. I’m with you in feeling that these things are a relief after such suffering but, when one has no hope for anything but an end, the pain can be unimaginable. I hope her grief isn’t that long and that she can find comfort in knowing that he no longer suffers. My thoughts go with you in this time of transition.

    • Thanks for that. Frankly, it’s a relief in the long run, for everyone. And sad that it was basically self induced because he allowed himself to get so sick before his diagnosis that they couldn’t give him treatment for the cancer. Such a waste. I’ve been wondering what’s happening with your book? Or at least some posts? Hope all is well with you.

      • I’ve been a bit busy of late, given some new things that have happened in my life. Have pushed the publish date back to mid 2013 and will post s I can some new tidbits. Still a post or three I haven’t put out there but have written!

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