The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 288 Lizard Tails

Posted by themirrenlee on 17/10/2012

Tomorrow I put Nicky on a plane to Melbourne. Then the 3 of them will probably come back Saturday nite, so it’ll just be me and the homicidal cat.

I rescued a giant lizard today from the jaws of feline death, so the cat’s been giving me the evil eye. She literally just plays with them to death; she’s like The Joker for lizards. The first thing they do, of course, is drop their tails, so our backyard is a cemetary of strange little stumps. And various dead cat toys.

My travel agent, Ryan, still wasn’t there today, but a sweet young woman took down my details and told me to ring tomorrow. She told me not to stress because it probably won’t be all that expensive to sort out. I think she could hear me hyper ventilating with suspense.

For the first time since I was 18, I don’t have a valid passport – both my Aussie and my Yankee ones are expired. Next week I must sort that out. All actors should have a valid passport at all times. Even as a voice coach, I did a couple of jobs in New Zealand that were arranged very quickly, and I was ready.

I have never been all that good at combining my needs with someone else’s – I always get distracted and expend my energy on others first. It’s a hangover from a childhood as “The Hired Help”, looking after younger siblings, and then having David when I was 16. Which is why I need to be able to give over the parenting duties to Nicky’s parents (and just play with him!). Then I will be more capable of writing properly, for starters, as well as focusing on my planning.

In the meantime, must get the young man in bed, and organize his packing.

My sleeping is starting to go backwards with all the stress and routine change. I think I’ll sleep all day Friday!

In the meantime,

I’m just doin’ my best …

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