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Day 292 Book Addict

Posted by themirrenlee on 21/10/2012

Spoke to travel agent. He’s putting together a new package and will hopefully let me know what it is tomorrow. I really need a new date to focus on.

Woke up with first pressure sinus headache in a long time. Like having buffalos stomping on my head. Made the whole day hard, and it’s still not gone. Welcome to Spring.

I have an iPad, but loaned it to my daughter’s (ex) boyfriend many months ago, so I’m just now starting to use it. David introduced me tonite to books online when I said I needed to go to the library, and I’M A CONVERT!

I kept saying I wouldn’t like to read books online, but it turns out to be pretty neat. I think I mentioned awhile back that I thought I bought Robert Crais’s latest book on eBay, but instead I bought the one I’d already read. So David just loaded the right one, “Taken”, and I feel like a Heroin addict getting a long awaited hit!

As soon as I have a new travel date, I’ll be setting new goals, and then finally writing about the concept of success. Many people say they think it’s happiness, but they might be surprised at how often I’ve discovered through my coaching that this is an unknown factor in the lives of many. In general, I found it does people’s heads in to start analyzing their lives at all!

BTW, for clarity, Katie told me the celebrant they used for her father’s funeral mostly acted as a host and didn’t try to speak about him intimately. I can buy that. From what she says, it was a nice ceremony, and after-gathering, with more people than she thought showing up.

She’s grieving, of course, and will be fragile for awhile. I’m so glad her family is supportive. I never had that, so appreciate it muchly when I see it.

I must get back to my heroin book.

I’m just on a readin’ high …

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