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Day 293 Loopy Ticket

Posted by themirrenlee on 22/10/2012

I spent most of the day locked in a loop trying to rebook my tickets.

I think I may have damaged my head.

And paid for my new ticket THREE times. Must check credit card records.

I am very tired. And sore. Because it’s been raining like the wet season in … wherever it is we have wet seasons.

I can’t explain why the rain makes me sore, but it does. And yet I love the rain, so it seems kind of a mean thing for it to do.

Mother Nature basically has unruly children.

Tomorrow I hope to know if my new dates are set. Then I can work with them.

I am wrapped in a gauzy cloak of Fibro Fog. Which means I can’t think straight.
Goal setting in this condition would probably come out like a monkey, e.g.,

1. Steal banana.
2. Eat banana.
3. Sit on someone’s shoulder.
4. Pee.
5. Eat their lunch while they clean up.
6. Eat another banana.
7. Poo on someone’s head.

The Fog would make me think I’d had a very productive day.

So, before I get in trouble …

I’m just foggin’ out …

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