The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 294 Birthday Present

Posted by themirrenlee on 23/10/2012

Finally booked to L.A.! Leave Sydney on January 27th, arrive in Fiji 5 hours later to break trip due to pain of sitting too long, leave Fiji on January 29th and arrive 10 hours later on the same day.

January 29th is a birthday for Oprah, Germaine Greer and ME! So my arrival will be a big birthday present.

I want to write more, but I’m in the Flare from Hell. Please god make it go away.

Must get better as I’m going back to Melbourne for a few weeks on Saturday. I’m NOT paying for any more cancelled flights! It was bad enough paying $800 to change a flight that originally only cost $1300.

Turns out that Air Pacific is turning into Fiji Air and becoming a more expense airline. The same thing happened to me after I flew on Cathay Pacific and Air Tahiti (now Air Tahiti Nui) – they went from student affordable to upmarket. I must have a golden touch!

Must hide in bed.

I’m just flarin’ …

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